2018 Chicago Auto Show: The Favorites

We’ve looked at a couple new production vehicles and a batch of exciting cars that do all sorts of “race” things, but I can’t forget the other show stoppers seen on the floor at Chicago this year. From multi-million dollar classics to a Hyundai with massive exhaust pipes, here are a couple of my other favorites.

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2018 Chicago Auto Show: The Race Cars

There should be an auto show rule that states “one does not just walk past a race car without stopping and gawking.” While there weren’t a ton of super exciting new product reveals in the windy city this year, there were plenty of not-street legal machines to drool over. From Miatas ready to slay any SCCA course thrown at it, to Acura’s NSX literally completely coated in delicious carbon fiber. Here are a few of the go-fast gems from this year’s Chicago Auto Show.
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2018 Chicago Auto Show: Up-Close with Mitsubishi’s Eclipse Cross

Having talked about this car in an earlier Redusernab post last year, I wanted to finally see it up-close and personal. Mitsubishi’s newest crossover, the Eclipse Cross brings back a familiar name to Mitsu enthusiasts and new car buyers but in a completely different shape. And I think that shape looks quite well.

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2018 Chicago Auto Show: Hyundai’s New Kona

I couldn’t help but think of the bizarre Citroen Cactus when I finally saw Hyundai’s new “small SUV,” the Kona, up-close. But this is better, much better in my coffee-high opinion. As my aging Saabaru wagon continues to age, my potential list of new “adventure-mobile” replacements grows. The 2018 Kona just earned a spot on it.

First of all the color is a win. There was a gray one on the showroom floor too but it kind of blended in to the carpet below. Second, it has plastic body side panels! Yes, vehicles like Pontiac’s doomed-from-the-start Aztek and the Chevrolet Avalanche had them and well, did it bad, I think the Kona pulls it off well. It almost makes it a bit more outdoors-ready. I could drive it on a dirt road between an aisle of trees on either side and not worry about stones getting chipped up or pine branches gouging it away.

The simple and well-appointed interior, with heated seats, a generous cargo hauling capacity and standard Android Auto/Apple CarPlay, could keep me content on long drives to state and national parks.

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2018 Chicago Auto Show: The Police Cars

Robby DeGraff February 8, 2018 Chicago Auto Show

Lights! Sirens!

The goodies are always in the back. Hidden behind all the mainstream display areas on the showroom floor were a fleet of vintage emergency vehicles from Chicago’s police and fire departments that patrolled the windy city.

Oh the stories these cars could tell…

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Redusernab Asks: What Are Your Automotive Resolutions For 2018?

Robby DeGraff January 3, 2018 Redusernab Asks

Just like that, we’re off to the start of a new year. A fresh, clean slate. A new opportunity to better ourselves professionally, personally, and for the sake of this post, hobby-ly. Yep, I just coined that term and I’ll take it to the bank for 2018. So as you sit down and write a list of goals, ideas and resolutions for 2018 (because you should), make sure you bullet a few automotive-related ones too.

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HCOTY 2017 Nominee: Kia’s 2018 Stinger

When the topic of “Redusernab Car of the Year” started to float across our team of editors’ on Slack this weekend, one brand immediately came to my mind for nomination: Kia. No joke.

This brand, has completely taken the spotlight this past year and shaken up the new car scene. Ever since I’ve been into cars, not once have I told myself “Oh I really want to drive that Kia,” or “Mmmhmm I would totally buy that Kia.” It’s not really a sad realization, but rather just there hasn’t been a model in their lineup for as long as I can remember that’s screamed “Robby look at me, look!”

That has now changed, with this machine called the Stinger, and it’s brilliant. In conversations with friends and other obsessed car geeks about this intriguing sports sedan, there’s been this collective mutual shock of just how Kia came out of nowhere with the Stinger.

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Why We Should Be Thankful for Audi’s New A8

Robby DeGraff November 27, 2017 All Things Hoon

Have you heard about Audi’s latest A8 coming for the 2019 model year? It’s insane. Not just in the performance sense and not so much on the appearance front; but in all-things the technology that is. While on my lunch break, I stumbled across a video showing all of the new German luxobarge’s technology highlights (both standard and optional), and I’m not going to shy away from saying that I was in fact, impressed. Very.

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Embracing Fall Driving While You Can

October wraps up next Tuesday and November’s arrival come the following morning to me signals the start of way less than ideal conditions for all-things car hobby. This is especially true for us living in two season states (winter and construction) like Wisconsin. The past few days I’ve been scanning Craigslist and shooting off emails about storage units and reaching out to my insurance to company to put a stop on coverage once that garage door comes slamming down shut. Depressing, yes. Chances are right now, if you peak out your window and gawk at the the nearest tree, its colors have either peaked in hues of gold, copper, yellow and orange, or its leaves have completely dissipated leaving bare branches. Let’s hope the first observation is correct for driving enjoyment’s sake.

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Rotten Rental Car Review: Hyundai Accent SE

I recently returned from a breathtaking backpacking trip in Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park and the neighboring Never Summer Wilderness, part of the Arapaho National Forest. It was three, adrenaline-filled, heavenly days of backcountry exploring through deep forests of lodgepole pines and aspens, raging chilly streams and towering snow-capped mountains. Every time I embark on some kind of outdoor adventure, I strive to drive my own car, especially because nothing is more embarrassing, wasteful and foolish than paying for a rental car and then simply parking it for a seventy-two hour period at the trailhead. If only rental car companies could comprehend the idea of pay-by-the-mile, then I’d only have to swipe my credit card for a few hours of driving to-and-from the national park. And, to carry-on with this rash rant, why can’t US-based rental car companies follow suit with international rental car companies and offer manual-transmission cars for a cheaper price? Last year in Iceland, My wallet was heavier in cash when renting a five-speed Suzuki Jimny 4×4 rather than its two-pedal cousin. Keep dreaming.

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