The Carchive: The ’79 Volvo 260 Range


As we put another tiring, prickly week behind us, let’s take a quick break from all that is new and surprising in the world and relax with something old and familar. Join me  as I squint at today’s ever so slightly out of focus document from The Carchive.

After last week’s look at a Triumph of British engineering, we’re heading across the North Sea and making land in Sweden, with a printed look at 1979’s Volvo 260 range.

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No Beach Out Of Reach: Dutton Reef Amphibian

On Monday’s bonus round of Mystery Car, the unnamed machine was correctly identified as the Amphicar 770, disappointingly quickly. There can’t be many folk in the Redusernab who haven’t yet learnt of the many limitations and design compromises of the famous ’60s amphibian, its mechanical make-up was limited by the technology of the time, and one of the reasons for its metal construction was that Glass Reinforced Plastic was still only just beginning to become popular in boats, let alone boats which were actually cars.

So it was with genuine excitement and interest that I came across the Dutton stand at this year’s London Boat Show, where the latest release from Tim Dutton’s lovingly operated company was exposed to public gaze for the first time.

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The Car Of Today?

Chris Haining January 19, 2016 All Things Hoon

We can all agree that the first car to be truly relevant to the Average Man was the Model T, created to provide mechanised personal mobility to the masses, the very definition of a growth market. The Model T was definitely the right car for the time and could be ordered in a great number of different configurations,

It’s important to note, too, that the modern road network was in its infancy when the first of the Model T’s rolled from the Piquette Avenue production line. Just as well, then, that the car could cope with farm tracks, packed gravel lanes and pretty much any surface the early motorist would be likely to encounter.

So, what happened?

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Mystery Car: Bonus Edition

Chris Haining January 18, 2016 Mystery Car

As a warm up exercise for Mr Emslie’s main event on Friday, let’s go with an early Mystery Car Bonus edition today.

Difficulty wise, well, you either know it or you don’t. If anybody participates, I’ll throw the answer up right here tomorrow lunchtime.

Clues? There’s only one. What day is it?

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The Attainable Riva Aquarama

Those curves. That pronounced sheer. The authority of line you only see when a design has formed organically from the mind of a talented designer. All of these attributes and more can be found on the Classic Riva Aqcuarama, and many more from that famous Cantieri.

No matter what the angle you gawp at them from, your jaw will always droop a similar distance. The only problem is having somewhere big enough to keep it. Oh, and deep pockets.

So what you really need is one in something like one-tenth scale. Like this one.

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The Carchive: The Triumph Vitesse

It’s time for our weekly contrast with all that’s shiny and new in the Redusernab News, as we blow the dust off something which had it’s moment of glory in the dim and distant past. Welcome the The Carchive.

I presume I was hungry. Otherwise I struggle to explain the strange bite mark on the top of this otherwise well-preserved 53 year old brochure for the Triumph Vitesse.

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POWER! Finding a Balance between Speed and Sensation

Chris Haining January 14, 2016 All Things Hoon


When I go to a beer festival I’ll typically drink quite a substantial number of halves, quite necessary when conducting comparative assessments of several different craft beers. This is the only time I’ll drink more than three pints or so in one session; I find that going far beyond three adds hugely to the expenditure and next morning’s hangover, but doesn’t add anything to my enjoyment of the day.

Drinking to excess is certainly no fun whatsoever. And this, indirectly, brings me to driving.

Is there a point where having too much performance at your disposal actually detracts from your driving pleasure? Where does the magic balance lie?

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Elio: 48886 Early Adopter Deposits. Battle Won or Only Just Begun?

Chris Haining January 12, 2016 All Things Hoon

I love to support the underdog. I’m all about encouraging new start-ups, ventures no matter how brave or opportune, if it increases the diversity of our wonderful wheeled world.

One we’ve all been watching, and which is back in the news having put in an appearance at the NAIAS Is the Elio, by Elio Motors. This has been an interesting project to follow, and has been beset by its fair share of challenges, but, we’re assured, it will go into production within our lifetime.

So that leaves one final obstacle: Will the Elio find that long-term audience that its makers believe is out there?

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Diecast Delights: A 1952 Citroen 2CV in 1:18 Scale

We’ll go from last week’s extreme Crocodile to a rather more mundane Tin Snail, and a vehicle which is probably far more relevant to the everyday motorist while being far less colourful.

We’re looking at a Maisto produced Citroen 2CV, probably among the the most humble yet worthy vehicles to be made available in 1:18 scale.

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The Carchive: The ’73 Lincoln Continental MKIV


We finished last year’s run of visits to The Carchive at the turn of the ’70s with a look at a Simca 1100, the car without which the Redusernab Podcast graphic would be nothing. Let’s stay in that decade and take a long, admiring glance at the ’73 Lincoln Continental MKIV.

I’d also like this car to redress a balance. I spent a couple of stories last year reflecting on The American Car and its turbulent design journey over the last four decades and I singled out the Lincoln Versailles as a demonstrative whipping boy for all that was wrong with American design by ’79.

Well, to me the Mark IV was the opposite. This, for better or for worse, was what I always wanted The American Car to be.

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