Project Car SOTU: A Tale of Two Unicorns

After many, many years of kinda looking, then serious looking, I had acquired my high school dream car.  Then after a few months, I sold it.

The problem?  It wasn’t exactly my high school dream car.  It was close – a horse with a horn duct-taped to its forehead – but not quite.  But the good news was that I had found the actual unicorn.  And it was fairly close, affordable, and in what appeared to be very good condition.

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2016 Redusernab Calendar Time!


It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  Yep, I refer to the reveal of this coming year’s Redusernab Calendar!  What sorcery is this you say?  You still like to make your holiday purchases at the local big box store?  Well you’re outta luck bub.  This magnificent piece is only available online.

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It’s the New Year. Are You Completely Lost?


Confusion caused by the changing of the year?  A continuing 2014-induced hangover?  General ?  All of these can be cured by the purchase of a shiny new !

It’s got 13 months, because we are generous like that, a nice metal binding to allow for lay-flatiness, a clean white background for all your dates and other notations, and best of all, awesome photography.  Get a dozen


Do You Have A 2015 Calendar Yet?

Ray Lindenburg December 19, 2014 All Things Hoon



And I’m not talking about that electronic watch in your pocket that allows you to look at the Craigslist auto classified without being tracked by your boss.  You need a real calendar – one made of paper and brawn.    We are quite proud of this year’s edition – it’s truly chock full of awesome automotive photography – all provided by Redusernab contributors and friends of the ‘Verse.

The 2015 Redusernab Calendar Can Be Yours NOW!


That’s right, it’s Cyber Monday, and you all know what that means – whatever money left over from Black Friday can now be spent on such frippery as the !

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Don’t Blow Your Holiday Budget On Black Friday!

Ray Lindenburg November 26, 2014 All Things Hoon


Why?  Well because that just s the corporate overlords you need to set aside some cash for Cyber Monday, and perhaps most importantly, dozens of copies of the 2015 Redusernab Calendar!  We’ve made some changes this year in response to customer back, such as a wire binding, heavier paper, and OMG yes, an attachment orifice.

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It’s Calendar Time Again! The 2015 Redusernab Calendar!

November pages

Is it possible that another year has slid by again?  Well, not quite, but close.  There are but a precious few pages left in your 2014 Redusernab Calendar, so that means it’s time to look back over the past year for tasty new photos for the 2015 version.

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Judge Me If You Will

Ray Lindenburg October 13, 2014 Quick Shifts


Remember when ? His claim to fame was to share the same tufted pleather cushion with the actor.  Or, so he thought.  Turns out that the Deliverance star spells his first name just a little differently, and George had an imposter star car.

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Winter Flashback: The Pittsburgh Parking Chair


While much of the country basks in early-spring sunshine, as they have for the past, oh several million years, others of us in northern climes have been struggling to survive yet another arctic blast or polar vortex or whatever they are calling it this time around. Yes, it snowed again today in Salt Lake City, and no, I’m not bitter. I am relieved that I didn’t have to clear any snow, or silently curse my neighbors for taking my one on-street parking space again.

Why is that important? In my neighborhood, I either have enough room for one car or our two trash bins at the curb in front of my very narrow house. Not all three, or even one car and one bin. So I generally leave the garbage cans out significantly longer than is usually accepted in a modern society. If only there was such a civilized place where one could reserve their on-street parking spot.

Wait, there is. Pittsburgh.

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Post-Christmas Let-Down? Get a New 2014 Redusernab Calendar and Outlook on Life!

Well, the Holiday season is just about wrapped up.  A drink or a dozen on a random Tuesday night is all that separates you from another humdrum year.  But – GOOD NEWS – there’s still time to make 2014 a special year – still time to order a Redusernab Calendar! NOW REDUCED!  Only 10 bucks, because you will already be a little way into that first month.  It’s the least we could do – you still get the full complement of 13 months in the calendar.  Why?  Because we can.

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