Watch McLaren Celebrate the Sinister 650S GT3’s Performance at Bathurst

Most know McLaren from their historical home in Formula One, but through their McLaren Automotive arm they have been competing in GT3 series races all throughout the world. Most recently, they were at the 12 hours of Bathurst taking place at Mount Panorama in Australia.

They were a tad successful. … Continue Reading

Quick Spin: Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid
The Most Confusing Hybrid on Earth

I turned the key to the right and shockingly, nothing seemed to happen. This was the first of several odd moments I had while driving the 2016 Cayenne S Hybrid. On a day full of seeing the latest and greatest and driving some of the hot new hybrids on the street, the one that I am still mulling over is perhaps the oddest of the lot. … Continue Reading

2016 Prius: Toyota’s Flawed Crown Jewel

As I approached the grumpy face and flat ass of the new Prius, I had no idea what to expect. Toyota PR had gone over the how they wanted to make the Prius an engaging car to drive with revised suspension, design language from the GT86 and a power mode. Did Toyota learn that you can only get so many buyers with a boring appliance, or were they just making a racket so the enthusiast press might look twice?

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How do you advertise the new Prius? ANIME GIRLS

So, these newfangled hybrids are complicated right? How do you explain your fundamental design and mindset to your potential buyers? Well, if you are Toyota of Japan, the answer comes quickly and very simply down to two words. Anime Girls. Let’s talk more after the jump. … Continue Reading

We Will Be at the Houston Auto Show!

That’s right kiddos, we are going to H-town next week to cover the Houston Auto Show. I’ve been going to the show for several years now, and it has never disappointed. With Houston’s oil money, large market, and varying demographics, the Auto Show has always had a wide variety of OEMs showing their wares. So if you will be there, shout me out on . I should be there at least for Media day, and Friday.

What COTA Means to Me

Yes, I went out and got my favorite place in Austin immortalized on my left forearm. Some reactions have been super positive, some have been super negative, wondering if I was in an altered state of mind or wondering how long it will take for me to regret this. Sure, COTA looks like it might be having a few issues, and even if it’s not off right now, there will be a time where COTA might not be viable for FIA racing. But none of that matters, and none of that will affect the wonderful memories I have of the Circuit of The Americas. Let’s dive into this all together, shall we? … Continue Reading

HCOTY Nominee: 2013 Ferrari 458
The Pinnacle of Italian Natural Aspiration

Now, before I get started, yes, this is a supercar, yes, it is very expensive, but I would be lying if I said anything else was the most amazing car I drove this year. The new Miata was good, but this, the last naturally aspirated V8 Ferrari? Nothing can beat it, and since it has left us this year, we should celebrate it, and give it the credit that it rightfully has earned.  … Continue Reading

Formula Fun: The End, My One True Friend, The End

Patrick Hoffstetter December 10, 2015 Formula 1

That’s it everyone, the season is over. The championship is done an dusted. We have our champion, and we have our standings two by two. For real, look at it. All the teammates are together in the top ten. But that paints a rather boring view of the year.

Watch a Daft Punk inspired Mercedes video, then join me after the jump.
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Xtreme Xperiences: A Real Experience

Patrick Hoffstetter December 7, 2015 Reviews

This past Friday, I had before me a car I had written off in my mind of never driving; the Ferrari 458. I was going to drive it around a local track here in Austin called Driveway, which you might remember from when I drove the new Miata. Now, I was here thanks to Xtreme Xperience, which is a service that allows people to buy laps in supercars, on real tracks, with real instructors. They position themselves as the real thing, so I had to figure out if it really deserved the Redusernab stamp of approval.

[Disclaimer: wanted me to come out and have the best experience I could, so they comped my drive, and gave me the full beans in terms of packages.]

… Continue Reading

Chris Harris and the joy of Hypercars

Chris Harris took all three of the new Hypercars to Portimao circuit, with factory support, and battled them in the way we have been waiting for years for. Sit back, relax, and get reminded why we drool over these beautiful, exotic machines. … Continue Reading


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