Snow, Skis, and a Rally Stage – Team O’Neal Shows Us the Way

You love to ski in the wintertime, but you also love to rally, you say? What to do? How about both? … Continue Reading

Craigslist Find: Itching for Change Edition

Marcal Eilenstein January 31, 2017 For Sale

UPDATE 2/22/17: I’m still trying to find a good time to get with the seller. We’ve traded text messages several times, but the stars aren’t aligning lately. I did ask specifically about rust, and said it is “minimal.” For me, any rust is a worry, so it would need to be nipped in the bud pretty quickly, in my opinion. As of today, the old truck and me are still together. Stay tuned . . .

For about a year now, I have toyed off and on with the idea of finding something new/fun/old/fast to replace my truck. In the last few months, that itch has gotten stronger, and I’m afraid of scratching it. Today’s Craigslist find might just put me over the edge. … Continue Reading

Redusernab Asks Bonus: Whither the Drive/r?


Autonomous – that is driverless – cars are coming, and they’re coming to our roads soon than you might think. What place, if any, do these devilish creations have on our roads? Will we soon be awash in a sea of self-aware cars? Are we about to witness Overdrive come to life? Let’s found out. … Continue Reading

Redusernab Film School Friday: Snow Day Special – 2002 Shell Grand Prix of Denver


My new career as a teacher means my schedule is at the mercy of the district and the local weatherman. Since they decided that an inch of snow this morning was enough to bring the city to a halt, I don’t get to work today. What to do? … Continue Reading

Going for Broke(n) in 2016: Hooniversal Secret Ninja-Claus Rides Again


Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve just been handed some urgent and horrifying news. I need you all to stop what you’re doing and pay attention:

It’s time for Hooniversal Secret Ninja-Claus 2016. … Continue Reading

Fly-By Friday: Which Car Did it Best?


For my final installment of Fly-By Friday, I pose this question to you: which car did it best? Cars aren’t meant to fly, of course – not yet, anyway – and yet they still do on occasion, usually by accident. Let’s look at four examples of cars aloft.

Some accidents, like the one shown above, are relatively low-speed, but when it comes to sprint cars, you never know how they will react. With so much horsepower and so little weight be carried, they are two handfuls to begin with. Getting them out of shape can lead to cars flipping and dancing through the air, sometimes off the track completely.

… Continue Reading

Fly-By Friday: Stadium Super Trucks Take Flight

It’s another Fly-by Friday post! Literally, in this case.

A recent round of the SPEED Energy Stadium Super Trucks championship saw the drivers boarding a plane for Townsville, Queensland, Australia to support the V8 Supercar show at the famed Townsville circuit. We’ve covered this series here a few times over the years, and let me tell you, these guys really know how to put on a show. Whether on asphalt, dirt, or in an actual stadium, the trucks are spectacular in the most literal sense of the word. The Townsville edition was no exception, and with the quality of drivers getting better every season, this was one of the best races yet.
When it comes to cars and flying, it is my studied opinion that no vehicle and no racing series does it better and more consistently than the Stadium Super Trucks? Suspension travel? Yeah, we’ve got that.


Fly-By Friday: An Ill-Lumina-ting Experience

Continuing with the theme, this poor Lumina coupe meets an ignominious and altogether cruel death at the hands of a man I can only describe as insane. I admire the bravery of guys who do stunts like this, and I appreciate the effort, but this is a good way to wreck your health. Still, his body, his choice. At least we’re entertained for a minute!

Is this the ultimate “hold my beer and watch this?”

Fly-By Friday: The Proper Way to Fly Your Buick

I’m dubbing today Fly-By Friday. Every post of mine has a flying theme, so let’s go with it, shall we?

Up first is a classic. What do you get when you combine an empty country road, some good ol’ boys, and grandma’s Lesabre?

You got this – the flying Buick.

This video is something of a cult legend on the interwebs these days, at least among car guys. With over two million views, this video is eight years old, but is still one of the most watched amateur car videos around but it really never gets old. I have watched a dozen times today and laughed every time.

What’s your favorite flying car video? Let us know in the comments.


Wagon Wednesday – 1984 Volvo 245 Turbo


For your Wagon Wednesday enjoyment, feast your eyes on this 1984 Volvo 245 wagon. It’s Turbo, baby! … Continue Reading


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