Mystery Car – 24 Hours of Lemons Edition

Kamil Kaluski December 7, 2018 Mystery Car

I have to admit – I have one more Mystery Car to post, and it’s an easy one, and that’s it. My well of weird and obscure car pictures has dried up. But you should feel free to email me some. One vehicle at a time please, state what it is because if I don’t know than the game is useless. I will likely need to crop your pics so their size should be in thousands of pixels not hundreds. 

I was browsing the book of faces and I saw this, posted by the idiots our friends at . Their obvious question was “Besides a ‘Farrari,’ can you tell what it is?”

Well, can you? Make, model, and engine, please. 

Redusernab Asks: Are we really ready for all these new EVs that are coming out?

Kamil Kaluski December 7, 2018 Redusernab Asks

Just about every automaker is working on a new electric vehicle. An absolute EV, not one of those hybrid things with the conventional engine and a plug. Nope, fully electric vehicles, from just about every maker. The most notable exception is Toyota, who is sticking to the hybrid concept and does not currently have a plan for a pure EV. I’m sure there are others. 

Annual United States auto sales for the last three years have averaged over 16 million vehicles per year. Of those, less than 2% are electric vehicles. But the sales of EVs are trending up and with many new models coming to the market, that percentage will only increase. 

But there is more to cars than just their availability. Today we are asking if we have the right infrastructure to support 10% of annual vehicle sales to be pure EVs? That is roughly 1.6 million vehicles. It won’t happen next year but it will happen. What is the availability of charging stations where you live and work? How long are you willing to allow your vehicle to charge? What’s the longest road trip did you take last year? Is our power grid, with its random summer black-outs, able to support charging all these vehicles?

From my perspective, as I explained in my Kia Soul EV+ review, nope, at least not in downtown Boston. But your situation may be different.  

Quick Spin: 2017 Kia Soul EV+

Review: Slime Tire Inflator and Vacuum 2-In-1

I was waiting for that first really cold day of the season. That cold day is easily identifiable by the glow of the “low tire pressure” light on one’s dashboard. But this year, unlike past years, I welcomed my little idiot light. That’s because I had a new product that I was just waiting to test.

Few weeks earlier , maker of things that inflate things, sent me one of their new products. That new product is actually a combination of two products: a typical 12v automotive tire inflator and small 12v vacuum cleaner. It’s unimaginatively called the Inflator & Vacuum 2-In-1.

So, how does it work and does it work well?

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Quick Look: 2019 Ram 1500 North Edition

FCA loves making special edition vehicles. I lost count how many Challengers, Wranglers, and Grand Cherokee special editions there have been. The new Ram 1500 is no exception to the rule. The new for 2019 Ram 1500 North Edition just premiered here in the Northeast and it seems to be the perfect vehicle for the upcoming winter.

The North Edition is based on the Big Horn model. Pay attention, there will it be a quiz. The Big Horn itself is middle-ish level model, fitted between the Tradesman and Laramie. Above that are the Rebel and Limited models. There is also the Longhorn version of the Laramie between the Rebel and the Limited. And somewhere in all that mess is the Kentucky Derby Edition. And we all know there will be more.

But the North Edition is a rather special model, or at least special enough to require its own article…

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Mystery Car

Kamil Kaluski November 23, 2018 Mystery Car

Hello fans of the Mystery Car series. I deeply apologize for the series being absent for the last few weeks. I’ll spare you my reasons. 

You know how it goes – make and model. First one to properly identify this stolen and stripped automobile gets the respect and admiration of others. Get to it. 

I’m Thankful For: My friend’s pickup truck

Pickup trucks are a bit like boats. The best ones are owned by a good friend. My pal Sam bought a 2017 Ram 1500 about a year ago. At the time he got a great deal on the truck thanks to the the all-new-ish 2018 looming ahead. This pickup is almost fully loaded, with V8 power, air-suspension, heated/ventilated seats, a big infotainment unit, great audio, huge sunroof, and a number of other things. Most importantly, he loves it. 

When I had to move a fridge and an old couch from from my apartment to my new house, I had a choice to make: rent a truck or ask a friend for help. I chose the latter. With the help of another friend, we loaded up the truck and brought both of those bulky items to my new house in one swift move. The truck performed flawlessly. It even lowered itself when we were loading it. The cabin is huge and comfortable, and it’s easy to drive. 

I didn’t grow up around pickup trucks. I cannot think of one person I knew who had a pickup truck until I was in my thirties. But man did I develop an appreciation for them. Between Sam’s truck or towing the Lada across the state with the Nissan, or just hauling ass in the Raptor, I love them all. I’m thankful that these awesome vehicles exists and I am thankful for the awesome people who have them and can lend them to me. 

Robert Kubica is returning to Formula 1

Kamil Kaluski November 21, 2018 Formula 1, Motorsports

Don’t for a minute think that Formula 1 drivers are picked on their skills and merit. If it was only that easy. Nope. This is why there have always been some truly horrible, accident-prone drivers, likely never making it past Q1 qualifying. And that is also why there have always been great drivers not driving. Like the rest of the world, Formula 1 is all about the money. 

I saw Robert Kubica drive his bimmer to victory in Montreal in 2008. Being Polish, this was especially moving for me. But drivers like Kubica are programmed differently than you and I. They’re not like most people. All they want to do is just race. Like we eat and breathe, they race – they race anything, they race anywhere. It’s a combination of stubbornness and motivation that most people just can’t understand. I was therefore sad but not entirely surprised to learn of Kubica’s almost paralyzing, almost deadly wreck in the Ronde di Andora rally in Italy, in 2011. 

At first there was speculation that he will recover and return to Formula 1 shortly. But his injuries were much greater than originally reported. While his fans never gave up hope, the truth was that the chances of Robert returning to Formula 1 were slim to none. Years went by and age sure isn’t a benefit to Formula 1 drivers. Robert did some test drives for Renault and Williams but so did many other drivers. Perhaps we would have seen Robert come back as some kind of a team coach or director or something. 

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Dealers adjusting prices on 2019 4Runner and Tacoma TRD Pro models

Kamil Kaluski November 20, 2018 All Things Hoon

Looking to get yourself a new 2019 Tacoma TRD Pro or 4Runner TRD Pro? Pick your dealer wisely. People on Toyota message boards have been posting pictures of dealer-adjusted prices on some new 2019 TRD Pro models. 

Seriously, screw those dealers. Walk away and share your experiences on social media. Then either find a different dealer or wait. Or, hell, for $67,000 you can get a brand new . Then let Toyota know how you feel about it. 


Truck Central: 2018 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro review

Redusernab Asks: How would you advertise Mitsubishi vehicles?

Kamil Kaluski November 20, 2018 Redusernab Asks

The above is an image that , specifically their marketing department, circulated around on social media. It’s speaks of the torque, or rather the lack thereof, that the engine of Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross generates. By any comparison, that isn’t much – the base Volkswagen Golf has more.

The thing is, the current lineup of Mitsubishi CUVs isn’t that bad. They have all the latest safety features, good sound systems, heated seats, Apple CarPlay connections, and other stuff that buyers desire. It’s not always integrated as well as other makers, and the vehicles are showing their age, but they’re not bad. The final sales prices are much lower than the competition, too. 

So, you’re in charge of marketing these Mitsubishi’s. The job is important to you as it’s a stepping stone in your career. If you are successful here there will be plenty of other opportunities. How do you advertise these vehicles?

Review: 2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross SEL

2019 Ford Ranger touts ASS TORQUE

My good friend Leo () went to the 2018 Overland Expo East. Ford was there showing off their new 2019 Ford Ranger. The Toyota Tacoma pretty much owns the mid-size pickup truck segment and is hugely popular with the outdoorsy types, so this was a good marketing move. In their advertising, Ford makes no secrets about the Ranger’s adventurous ambitions, showing how various canoes, boards, and bikes can be attached to their new truck.

Ford also likes to brag about their best-in-class torque, towing, and payload. And rightfully so, as the 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine delivers 310 lb.-ft. of torque, which is 45 more than the Tacoma’s V6. But sometimes the road to market dominance isn’t paved, despite the best advertising intentions. We can’t wait to drive the Ranger to determine if the four-banger really does have ass torque

The Amazing Vehicles of 2017 Overland Expo East

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