A Week With a 35,000 Mile Tesla Roadster

Jim Yu June 26, 2013 Tesla Reviews


Well… what’s it like?

My friend with the Model S also has a Roadster Sport. He’s a good friend who knows I’m a car nut so he let me have the Roadster for a week. So, being Phaeton-less, I made it my daily driver. These are my impressions. … Continue Reading

Caravan to Canepa – Part One


Last Saturday, Bay Area Hoons caravanned from Oakland to the Santa Cruz Mountains for the Canepa Cars & Coffee event. I am breaking this trip into two segments because honestly, there is so much awesome, I’m afraid of melting the internet.

Vwminispeedster and his dad Henry, the hosts of Seconds Saturdays, organized this event. The rendezvous point was Henry’s garage, and about a dozen or so cars made it. … Continue Reading

Hoons Will Be Caravaning to Canepa This Saturday


This is a Public Service Announcement. For those of you not in the San Francisco Bay Area, you will be spending the next two weeks surfing in your spare time. Canepa’s complex, near Santa Cruz, is an all-in-one showroom, museum, tuning and restoration shop, and design studio.

For Bay Area Hoons, you are hereby notified that this Saturday’s Seconds Saturdays Oakland event will be different. We will be meeting outside of Hanzel’s Auto Body (456 23rd Street) at 8 a.m (on June 8, 2013). We will then all caravan together and head to Canepa Design (4900 Scotts Valley Drive, Scotts Valley). Canepa is hosting its own Cars & Coffee Saturday morning. We Hoons will not only be able to show our cars at the get-together, but we will also get a tour of Canepa’s car collection. This should be loads of fun. … Continue Reading

Los Angeles to Ann Arbor in an Ford XE Falcon Ute


I am biased, but I think Redusernab is the best car blog out there. A big reason for this is YOU, the readers and commenters. The wealth of experience and the oddball vehicles owned are second to none. Today, I present menter Matthew’s XE Falcon ute. I’ll give the Cliffs Notes version. For the full tale, go .

Like many all of us, Matthew of Michigan was surfing the web, passively car shopping. He came upon an XE Falcon ute for sale outside of Los Angeles. Most of us would have dug a little further by looking at the truck’s Wikipedia entry, browsed a few enthusiasts’ forums, and started a new keyword search. But Matthew actually bought the ute.

… Continue Reading

Truck Thursday: Oregon Coast Ford Falcon Ute

XC Ute 4

[Ed. Note – The pictures and beautiful story are by commenter stickmanonymous. Thanks, mate!]

It was true for me, at least as an automobile-loving child growing up in the south-east suburbs of Perth in the early 1990s, that familiarity bred contempt. My working-class suburb was home to all manner of vehicles that seemed to me at the time to be mundane and ordinary.  … Continue Reading

Come to Hanzel’s In Oakland for Seconds Saturdays This…Saturday


No doubt by now, you have heard that not only is Oakland, California, one of the t, it is also the . Why, you ask? It is because of the Seconds Saturdays car meets that Hanzel Auto Body Works regularly hosts.

This coming Saturday, many Bay Area menters and fanatics of obscure automobiles will descend upon the Oakland shop and gawk at the dozens of cars, trucks, and motorbikes brought by said commenters and fanatics. With every show, the numbers grow. All of the vehicles pictured in this post were from last month’s meet.

… Continue Reading

The Buses and Vans of the Pan-American Highway

Jim Yu April 24, 2013 Cars You Should Know


Last week, I gave you an overview of my 12,000- mile odyssey on the Pan-American Highway. This week, I am going to show you what I took along the way. I will start from the north and work my way south. I don’t pretend to be an expert on buses and commercial vehicles, so please chime in with any trivia that you may hold in your collective noggins. … Continue Reading

My 12,000-Mile Pan-American Highway Journey


As some of you might know, I have been on a quest to travel the length of the Western Hemisphere by land. I just returned from my fifth trip– a bus ride from Guatemala City to Panama’s Darien Gap. For those of you counting at home, I am 88% done with my goal. I hope to one day write a book about my little adventure, as there are plenty of tales to tell. But in the meantime, here are some highlights to give you a flavor of my experiences. I will be writing a separate post about the vehicles I took. … Continue Reading

What 24 Hours of LeMons Racers Drive In Real Life

Jim Yu April 1, 2013 24 Hours of Lemons


As LongRoofian will attest, the parking lots at car shows and car races are oftentimes more interesting than what’s on the 18th green/track. Here are some of the cars and trucks I spotted in the paddock area and parking lot at Sonoma Raceway recently.

There has been a lot of talk about LeMon’s $500 price cap and how some of the more well heeled teams put the more grassroots-level teams at a disadvantage. I saw a team with a $250,000+ motorhome and it was not a rental, as it had an affixed to it. For you non-Californians, one obtains this frame by donating a sizable sum (at least $2,500) to a California Highway Patrol charity. Rumor has it (and I do not believe in this rumor, as I still have a modicum of respect for our law enforcement professionals) that the frame essentially grants you immunity from traffic citations. … Continue Reading

In Which I Drive A Supercar & Ride Shotgun In A Drift Car


Recently, while visiting Las Vegas Motor Speedway, I noticed in the distance a bunch of supercars driving around a nearby track. I promised myself I would check it out when I was back in Vegas. I did just that recently.

is a wonderful daytime diversion for the car nut visiting Sin City. You choose from a stable of 40 supercars, from the Lamborghini Aventador all the way “down” to a Porsche Cayman R. It’s essentially a buffet. You can do five laps in the Cayman for $199 or up to $3,499 for five laps in a combination of 13 cars. The 458 Italia (5 laps for $399) is the most popular. In addition, you can ride along with a professional drifter in a Corvette Z06. Two laps cost $99.

… Continue Reading