CAS 2012: Fiat 500 Abarth

" and listen to that sound....it growls at you...grrrr! I'm only this big but I'm a Lamborghini really, I am, I really am I promise!"-Jeremy Clarkson

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CAS 2012: The Morning Update

Redusernab February 8, 2012 Chicago Auto Show

Goooood morning Chicago, the first couple hours of today’s media preview have been filled with surprises and excitements. After a morning breakfast held by the Midwest Automotive Media Association and Volvo, reporters and media flocked to GMC for the unveiling of the new Acadia….and Acadia Denali. When the cover came off, the front end was what stuck out the most, with new headlights, a flater bigger chrome grille, and the absence of that ridiculous front lip seen on the outgoing Acadia Denali. I think the 2013 Acadia, and Acadia Denali look a bit more well, manly and not so crossover-ish. 

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CAS 2012: Cadillac Ciel

Redusernab February 8, 2012 Chicago Auto Show

The stunning Cadillac Ciel concept, now in dark purple!

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This Week Redusernab Will be at the 2012 Chicago International Auto Show!

Redusernab February 7, 2012 Chicago Auto Show

Fellow Hoons, it’s that time of year again for the Chicago International Auto Show! Armed with a few cameras, several cups of coffee, and a MacBook Pro; I’ll be there this Wednesday and Thursday bringing you the latest exciting automotive news to come out of the Windy City. I’ll be doing my best to “live blog” from the show, that is if I can find a decent seat and power outlet in the media room. Check Redusernab throughout the days on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday for photos, news and more auto show shenanigans.

What crazy concept vehicles am I really looking forward to see?

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Two Wheel Tuesday: Harley Davidson gives us Seventy Two reasons to be Slim

Redusernab February 7, 2012 Two-Wheel Tuesday

Harley Davidson Seventy-Two

Harley Davidson introduces you to its new models: the Sportster Seventy-Two and the Softail Slim. Harley Davidson designed these bikes during their two slowest sales years. By refocusing on their lower end bikes and working hard to help them stand out Harley Davidson with some impressive design. These should help The Motor Company recapture the sales it had in the past. 

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Two Wheel Tuesday: Victory asks to Judge its Hard-Ball

Redusernab February 7, 2012 Two-Wheel Tuesday

Victory takes another swing at the mid-range market by revealing two new motorcycles in January. The new duo is giving its customers the choice between a Stealth Fighter, the Hard-Ball, and the Pontiac GTO Judge, appropriately named Judge.

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Two Wheel Tuesday: Brough Superior’s Insane Pursuit of Speed

Redusernab February 7, 2012 Two-Wheel Tuesday
I should really label this NSFW – it’s that sexy. Credit: highwaylass on Flickr

Redusernab, please welcome Harrison Ambs with that warn Hoon greting you’re known for all over the world, especially Poland. Harrison likes bikes. And he curses a lot. And that’s all we really know about him. He is going to be injecting some of his motorcycle passion into Two Wheel Tuesdays. -KK

If you recognize this bike, you probably have goosebumps right now.

The Brough Superior company was created from the toiled efforts of George Brough in 1919, and built masterwork pieces of motorcycle art until 1940. They were expensive, ostentatious, exclusive, and gorgeous. George Bernard Shaw and T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) owned Broughs. They were dubbed the “Rolls-Royce of Motorcycles” and were advertised as such due to the care and craftsmanship put into each model. Rarely were any two alike as each one was built for its owner and assembled twice; once to fit, then again once the pieces had been finished and painted. They were guaranteed from the factory – if the bike did not perform to specification, they were returned to the shop to be reworked until they did. Each one was test ridden before being given to the owner and they were all, every single one of them, certified by George Brough himself.

And they were fucking fast.

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LeMons says no driver, no problem

Redusernab February 2, 2012 24 Hours of Lemons

How many penalty points for a newer GM?

We typically shy away from press releases, but this one was too good to leave alone.

Do you have an autonomous $500 car that you want to race? Jay Lamm announced today that you are now able to bring it to the LeMons races, with restrictions of course. Keep reading for all the info.

[Source: 24 Hours of LeMons | Image: ]

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Two Wheel Tuesday: Motorbike Madness in Vietnam

How many balloons can you count?

When I was in Vietnam for four months, motorbikes were everywhere. Millions upon millions of them. People use motorbikes for their everyday needs, hauling around refrigerators, bring a family of 6 home from dinner, and even the occasional late night racing. I saw some of the craziest things carried on the back ofmotorbikes, including a Coca Cola deliveryman with probably 12 crates of glass bottles. Yikes!

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Two wheeled Tuesday – Your first two wheel love

Redusernab January 31, 2012 Two-Wheel Tuesday
1980 Honda CB650 Custom

1980 wasn't only about disco and the BeeGee's

 As the winter rolls on it’s time to start thinking about spending time on two wheels.  The story of a person’s first experience buying a motorcycle can be just as informative as their first car. Your first motorcycle can speak volumes about your personality or it could have been strictly for cost.

My first motorcycle back in 1998 was a 1980 Honda CB650 Custom. The main reason for buying it was the $300 price.  The rest of the motorcycle meant less to me then the starting price.  For some this can be a fixer upper from a motorcycle graveyard or for others this is a trip to a local dealer.

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