eBay: LeMons Would You Rather – Juggalo Neon or Renault R10?

Eric Rood August 29, 2014 24 Hours of Lemons


People race in the 24 Hours of LeMons for many different reasons. It’s cheap, you get lots of seat time, and they actively encourage bizarre and strange vehicles (so long as they’re safe). Today, I present two bizarre LeMons up for sale on eBay that represent opposing ends of the LeMons spectrum: Sthree-time-winning Juggalo-themed Dodge Neon and the one-time kind-of-running, pretty-much-a-Dacia-1100 Renault R10 from LeMons Legend Mike “Spank” Spangler that our resident Mad Scientist Tim Odell posted yesterday. Make the jump for the scoop on these remarkable heaps.

[Edit: Spank’s Renault sold, but that doesn’t make this exercise any less fun. Read on!]


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Motorsports Weekend Guide: August 29 to August 31

Eric Rood August 28, 2014 Motorsports


Welcome to Redusernab’s weekly look ahead to who’s racing what and where this weekend. This Labor Day weekend features what has quietly become one of the greatest endurance races in modern motorsport. In addition, several series wrap up their season this with championship titles at stake. Here’s the short list with a lot more after the break:

  • The craziest and possibly slowest 24-hour car race

  • IndyCar’s final showdown in California

  • NHRA’s biggest weekend of the season

  • Big rigs and rally cars to Czech out

  • And more things!

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Redusernab goes to NASCAR at Sonoma Raceway

Eric Rood August 26, 2014 Featured, Motorsports


A few weeks ago, I buttoned up two parts of a trip to Northern California that included a visit to Flowmaster’s West Sacramento factory and a trip to Calistoga Speedway’s half-mile dirt oval for the Kings of the West Series sprint car races. That trip also included a visit at Flowmaster’s behest to Sonoma Raceway for NASCAR Sprint Cup’s Toyota Save Mart 350, one of the two road course races on the Sprint Cup schedule. It was an interesting experience, for sure, and one that I’ve done my best to encapsulate for you after the jump.

[Disclaimer: Flowmaster provided travel arrangements and accommodations for this visit.]

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CraigsList: A Nissan Pulsar NX for the SHO-off


I love Redusernab’s CraigsList Crapshoot, where my colleague Robert Emslie gives us Hoonitarian Hooniversalists the task of finding some specific automotive characteristic on CraigsList and posting for all the Hoons to see. This week, Robert asked for T-Tops and while I found a glorious Chrysler Cordoba, it was commenter Vroomsocko who took my breath away with this find: A 1988 Nissan Pulsar with the 3.2-liter Yamaha V6 from a Ford Taurus SHO stuffed in the engine bay, allegedly hooked up to a 55 shot of nitrous. Ordinarily, I would have left it alone, but this car’s very presence has gnawed at me for the last 24+ hours. Follow the jump for the complete ad copy and more photos.

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Motorsports Weekend Guide: August 22 to August 24

Eric Rood August 21, 2014 Motorsports


Welcome to Redusernab’s weekly look ahead to who’s racing what and where this weekend. I got a little long-winded in some of the descriptions, but people don’t really get upset with me writing too much, do they? You probably shouldn’t answer that. Anyway, make the jump to read about all the great series racing this weekend including these (and more):

  • F1 returns and I wrote too many words about it!

  • IndyCar season is almost over!

  • Global RallyCross at Daytona!

  • V8 Supercars have V8 engines!

  • And a few more items! Exclamation marks!!!

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Motorsports Weekend Guide: August 15 to August 17

Eric Rood August 14, 2014 Motorsports


Welcome to Redusernab’s weekly look ahead to who’s racing what and where this weekend. Stock car enthusiasts will find plenty to cheer for with more than a half-dozen big races this weekend while IndyCar also races an oval. In Europe, Formula One is still on its summer break but MotoGP carries on.


  • IndyCar in Milwaukee

  • MotoGP in the Czech Republic

  • Red Bull Air Race at a horse-racing track

  • And a few more!

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Citroën promo video features merciless hooning, crashing of 2CVs

Eric Rood August 11, 2014 Hoonivercinema


Most Hoons will, like me, wince at the above image of a pair of Citroën 2CVs colliding head-on if for the implication of its wafer-thin body panels yielding to the universe’s oppressive forces like so many . Fret not, Francophiles; this is all part of an early 1970s Citroën promotional video on the brand’s dedication to safety, uploaded to YouTube by , someone I can only assume to be a connoisseur of the finer cars in life.

Sure, the 2CV’s crash tests are a little alarming, but the bevy of road tests not only show the French builder near the time’s leading edge of safety, it also creates some spectacular footage. After the jump, you will see exciting (low-resolution) scenes such as, in no particular order,

  • Load sensors that take up the entirety of the non-driver side of the cabin’s front printing out data in real time.
  • A legitimate DS jump.
  • “Safety.”
  • Luxurious French interior and gauge porn.
  • A demonstration of the 2CV’s ridiculous suspension geometry.
  • An English narrator of highest  caliber.
  • A man standing unhindered 10 feet from the path of a car with a cut tire during a safety test, possibly smoking a cigarette.
  • Mesmerizing rough-road tests.
  • the test driver.
  • Gratuitous runs on a high-banked test track, including a 2CV at full chat.

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24 Hours of LeMons: Speedycop builds ‘Jurassic Park’ tour Ford Explorer


Movie- and television-car replicas are a favorite subcategory of cars in the and the series has seen some doozies (The Homer springs to mind as the best to date, possibly ever). But LeMons legend Jeff Bloch, known around the Interwebs as , has built a picture-perfect replica of Jurassic Park‘s automated tour-guide Ford explorers. It lacks the outright head-scratching qualities of the Upside-Down Camaro and The Spirits of LeMons, but it’s still a head-turner. And yeah, ody theme on their Ford V6-powered Geo Metro last year, but Bloch replicated the film cars down to the tiniest details on his usual shoestring budget. The Explorer will race at LeMons  at New Jersey Motorsports Park, which we previewed here Wednesday.

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Motorsports Weekend Guide: August 8 to August 10

Eric Rood August 7, 2014 Motorsports


Welcome to Redusernab’s weekly look ahead to who’s racing what and where this weekend. This weekend is a relatively slow one in terms of quantity, but the racing’s quality will remain particularly high. Top-level motorcycle racing returns to the U.S., NASCAR runs one of this writer’s favorite races, and the Tudor championship will race at America’s National Park of Speed. See what the heck we’re talking about after the jump, where we discuss the following upcoming races:

  • MotoGP at Indy

  • NASCAR on a road course

  • Sportscars at Road America

  • A delightful variety of crapcan racing

  • And a few more!

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24 Hours of LeMons: ‘There Goes the Neighborhood’ preview


The makes its second foray this season into the hinterlands of southern New Jersey to . This weekend’s “” will again run NJMP’s longer configuration, a very fast track that will be packed with 130 entries. Aggressive driving played a huge part in the earlier spring race there, so expect chaos out of the gate. With early-week forecasts calling for a 50 percent chance of rain Sunday, things could get nutty.

East Coast races in LeMons have developed a reputation for drawing multicar teams to enter and this race see 12 such multicar teams. The field also includes European cars aplenty with 25 BMWs, 10 water-cooled Volkswagens, and 10 Volvos among the heaps. You can navigate the entire field via , but read on after the break to get the Cliff notes on the race ahead of this weekend.

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