Adventure Driving Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

engineerd™ August 8, 2013 Road Trip

“Let’s camp in the U.P.” That’s what we said one night over beers at Soo Brewing. The owner, standing across the bar from us, said we would not be disappointed and that we must enjoy some microbrews on our trip. Soon I was hooked up with a forum called and my desire to overland was rekindled. Actually, it wasn’t just rekindled, it was a full out burn. My 2001 Jeep Cherokee was not going to be a mall crawler. I wanted her to see mud and trails.

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Pictures of Cars with engineerd™ – Motor Muster

Every Father’s Day weekend cars from the 1930s through the 1970s descend on Henry Ford’s Greenfield Village and line the streets of the historical landmark in a dazzling display of automotive history. Normally, the only mechanical sounds heard in The Village, as us locals call it, are the steam train and the putter-putter of the Model Ts. Motor Muster overrides those sounds with the roar of V8 and the slamming of hoods.

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Gyro-Stabilized Car of Awesome

engineerd™ March 13, 2013 AtomicToasters

Over on Redusernab’s retro tech-obsessed sister site, , we look at a gyroscopically stabilized car from the flower power era. Head over and enjoy!

Balls of Depleted Uranium…And Brains, Too!

engineerd™ March 23, 2012 Quick Shifts

We tend to praise the racers of days gone by for their balls of depleted uranium. While still dangerous today, racing in the 1950s and 1960s was damn near a death sentence. It’s not that they didn’t want to be safe, it’s just they didn’t know any better. However, even in those heady days of open cockpits and lap belts some men decided enough was enough.

Dan Gurney was one of those guys. He was tired of getting hit in the face with rocks and other debris flying at him while he dominated nearly every form of racing in the world at the time. So, he devised this Hannibal Lecter-esque face mask to protect him. At the same time, he started working with Bell Helmets to develop the first full face helmet for auto racing.

Just another reason why I’m voting Dan Gurney for President!

[Image Credit: . Go read the comments. One of the guys got a reply from Mrs. Dan Gurney about the history of this photo.]

113,000 Miles Of Adventure

engineerd™ March 22, 2012 Terrible Ideas

So you read Jeff’s post about the Xplore FJ Cruiser. You watched Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman ride motorcycles around the world in . Now you’re itching to go find your adventure. But you drive a Honda.
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Thorium Laser-Powered Car: What’s Old Is New Again

engineerd™ March 20, 2012 AtomicToasters

This is the Cadillac World Thorium Concept Car. It was displayed at the 2009 Chicago Auto Show as a view into Cadillac’s idea of the future. It would be powered by a laser heating up a block of thorium to flash water to steam to drive a turbine that would then drive the wheels. In other words, the steam car is about to return!

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Pictures of Cars with engineerd™: Sno*Drift Redux

engineerd™ February 6, 2012 Sno*Drift Rally

Last week I shared with you my experience at Sno*Drift and had a few pictures uploaded. I also promised to upload the rest of my pictures. Well, I’m a man of my word and my favorite 126 photos from Sno*Drift 2012 are now available for your viewing pleasure. Hit the jump for more! … Continue Reading

Pictures of Cars with engineerd™: Sno*Drift Edition

engineerd™ January 31, 2012 Sno*Drift Rally

While the LongRoofian was enjoying the sun and mild temperatures of Daytona Beach, about 2,000 people decided that we were tougher than that. Instead, we would stand outside in the middle of winter in Northern Michigan facing wind and snow and ice to watch cars drive by. Some may call that insane, I call it fun.
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