Saskatchewan Sports Car

Deartháir July 15, 2011 In General

Not actually my road-trip vehicle.

As I mentioned over on AtomicToasters a few days ago, I was recently on a road trip, such as it is, through the northern half of Saskatchewan. Contrary to popular belief, the northern half of the province is actually quite beautiful.

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Celebrate Canada Day in a Very Big Way

Deartháir July 1, 2011 In General

The Armet Gurkha, shown with a Smart... or some other subcompact.

Today is Canada Day, and as the token Canadian here on staff, it’s up to me to recognize the event. And, in the spirit of Canada’s peaceful nature, low crime rates and generally civil populace — with the exception of Vancouver, of course, because they’ve always been a bunch of f***-ups — we present an appropriately Canadian vehicle, the Armet Gurkha.

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Settle An Argument: The Buick RoadMaster Wagon

Deartháir June 24, 2011 In General

RoadBastard: Greatest Car Ever, or Greatest Car of All Time? You Decide!

Alright, Hoons, it’s time to settle an argument that’s slowly simmering behind the scenes. One of our Editors, who will remain nameless, is looking for an appropriate vehicle to accommodate his gradually-increasing family, multiple pets, extended relations, luggage, cargo, spare parts, camping gear, hitchhikers, science lab, servants, and a fleet of F-14 Tomcats.

So help settle an argument here. Why is the Buick Roadbastard the greatest vehicle of all time, and what other vehicles should he be ignoring altogether in favour of this fantastic piece of vehicular magnificence?

Velocity Trumpets and Offenhausers

Deartháir June 23, 2011 In General

If new cars came with engines that looked like that, they'd sell in huge numbers. Just sayin'.

Okay, so it’s not actually a true Offenhauser engine — which I’m working on a proper article about — but rather Offenhauser parts on what appears to be a standard small-block Chevy. Nevertheless, it’s a damned pretty sight.

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Defining Luxury?

"Hop on, darling... um... oh. Well, see you there then!"

In Maestro Emslie’s earlier post, he asked what defined luxury. Much of the discussion ended up revolving around comfort, as that’s one of the historically defining factors. After all, if you’re not paying for comfort, you’re probably paying for performance… but then again, a $2500 5.0 Mustang will get you performance, and with a few thousand more invested, will get you a whole lot of performance for a great price. So odds are, even if you’re paying for performance, you’re paying for performance in a comfortable shell.

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2,500 Kilometers in a MINI Cooper S

Everything seems huge when you're this tiny.

I’ve never really fully understood the traditional pleasure-pain paradox; you know the one, where something hurts like hell, but you don’t care because you also get pleasure out of it? Yeah, there’s a dirty element of it, but I don’t frequent the same nightclubs as Murilee or Mr. Emslie, so I never fully understood it. Conceptually, I thought I did, but having not experienced it, it was only my imagination. Having driven for 2,500 kms in a MINI Cooper S, I think I finally understand.

There have been accusations that the new MINI is a “girly” car. Perhaps. The Cooper S, however deserves no such criticism. Anyone who would make the claim that this vicious little beast is “girly” is doing nothing more than showing their own ignorance. The Cooper S is about as girly as a pissed-off piranha. With a similar level of bite.

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Happy Birthday, Kierstein!

Celebrations went well until someone suggested snorting Red Bull.

Not content to simply let Jim enjoy his day in the sun, our own Alex Kierstein thought that Jim’s birthday looked like so much fun, he had to go and have one of his own. Honestly, Kierstein, sometimes you should just let others have their moment. Just because Jim has one doesn’t mean you have to have one too.

Alex’s age remains somewhat indeterminate. Rather like Blake’s gender. (I am so glad they never check in here on the weekends.)

Happy Birthday, Jim Brennan!

Deartháir May 13, 2011 Announcements

Redusernab Asks: Would Jim Approve?

Today is our very own Jim Brennan’s birthday! While he’s going through a bit of a rough patch in his non-Redusernab world right now, and has been forced to take a bit of time away from our hallowed halls, he’s surely missed, and we’re fairly certain he’s still checking in from time to time. So let’s brighten his day a bit! Speaking for those of us behind the scenes, I know our thoughts are with him, and we wish him a very happy birthday!

Join in, and share your wishes below; let’s make this, his 273rd birthday, one to remember. Assuming he can remember anything at his age.

Quick Shift: Model Bloat

Deartháir May 10, 2011 Quick Shifts

No air conditioning, but pretty amazing cornering.

The 2011 Volkswagen Rabbit has grown much bigger than It was last year. We’ll leave it to someone else to determine interior space.

Redusernab Van-Tastic Weekend – The Tag Says “Dry Clean Only”

Deartháir April 10, 2011 Weekend Edition

I can't be alone in wanting to make a WRX powerplant fit in this Subie...

While the big powerful domestic vans are perfect for those people who need to haul around, say, a thousand pounds of cardboard boxes, what about those people who need to haul, say, seven dozen roses. Or six Honda alternators?

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