Mystery Yard-Truck Makes Us Imagine Strangest Hot-Rod Ever

Deartháir December 4, 2009 Terrible Ideas

We don't know what it is, but we know we like it.

Tanshanomi sent these photos in of a yard-slug he found quite some time ago. I’ll admit, I’m not entirely sure what it is.

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This Is My Dream Car: MTM BiMoto Audi TT

Deartháir December 4, 2009 All Things Hoon

Unassuming at first...

[Editor’s Note: Our beloved Jo Schmo sent this piece in, in the hopes of earning himself gainful employment with us. Little did he know, we here at Redusernab all work primarily because we get beaten if we don’t. Trust us, you don’t wanna see Braff when he’s got his leather mask and chaps on.]

What would I buy if I won the Lotto?  Surprisingly, I probably wouldn’t buy anything brand new. I would definitely have a sizeable stable of Hoonerific vehicles and project cars. I’d also have a 15-car garage/shop with detached 4 bedroom bungalow; I need a place to store my family after all. I’m sure I’d probably even have a couple acre “parts farm” out back. The list of what I would want to acquire is way too long to go into detail here, but cars that would qualify as a must purchase? NOW we’re talking about a list much more manageable.

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Learn to Dance With Australian V8 Supercars!

This has nothing to do with the article, but it's just so pretty I couldn't ignore it. (Image source: CarAdvice.com.au)

Think you’re a pretty good driver? Well, maybe you are. Maybe you’re a very good driver. But are you V8 Supercars good?

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A Perfect Project Without A Direction

What do we do with a rusted milk-truck, earlie in the mornin'...

Our good Friend Of Redusernab Jeremy, aka damnElantra, posted this on his FaceBork page a few minutes ago, and I immediately fell in love with it. Much like an earlier Mercedes van someone posted that I finally — finally — got talked out of by cooler heads prevailing, I immediately developed a soft spot for this rusted old hulk of a van. But why?

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What’s That? You Wanted To See The Diamond T’s Passenger?

Deartháir December 3, 2009 All Things Hoon

The first indication that there's something different could be the huge exhaust stack sticking off the top.

As engineerd pointed out in the previous post about the Diamond T, there is, sadly, a certain point where a lot of these custom cars start to look the same. If you get too many cars with the same patina finish, the same skull shifters, the same teardrop taillights, they start to get a bit tiresome. Don’t get us wrong, they’re still beautiful, and when seen by themselves on the street they’re something awesome to behold; but when you see a lineup of them at a car show, it’s hard for one to stand out above the others.

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Diamond T Informs On How To Arrive In Style

Deartháir December 3, 2009 All Things Hoon

How to make an entrance in two easy steps: Step one, bring the Diamond T.

One of my own personal criteria that I’ve developed over the years to mentally rank the relative “wow” factor of vehicles is to gauge its first impression punch. What will the impact on the average person be when they see it for the first time?

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Ferrari Scuderia Replica — Some Assembly Required

Deartháir December 1, 2009 All Things Hoon

When will people learn? Changing the dimensions of a piece of art takes it from beauty to beast!

Perhaps “replica” is a bit of a strong word. Imitation? That’s even a bit generous.

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Volvette Gives Hints On How GM Can Save Saab

Deartháir December 1, 2009 All Things Hoon

Twin-Turbo LS1 temporarily stored in a shoebox for safekeeping.

If you haven’t been following the news in the automotive world lately (I haven’t), there appears to be some consternation surrounding the sale of Saab. The last I heard, Koenigsegg was supposed to be purchasing the company, but I’m told they have since backed out.

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Name That Part: Making It Big Edition

Deartháir November 30, 2009 Name That Part

In fairness, we're all just waiting until Redusernab gets big enough that we can have secretaries...

In our previous Name That Part, we gave you a part from a bin of bulk parts; unlabeled, undifferentiated, and remarkably affordable! As such, I had to do exactly the same thing as you, in determining what the hell it actually is. As it turns out, Target29 came the closest. It was a power mirror adjuster, but according to Ford, it was for an early 2000’s F150, not a DeLorean as he guessed. Still, that’s close enough for my tastes, so we can lavish praise, women and free booze on him today. Well done!

On to today’s Name That Part!

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Subaru Ad Simultaneously Makes Us Cheer, Feel Ashamed and Need More Popcorn

Deartháir November 28, 2009 All Things Hoon

Okay, let’s face it, I’ve made no secret of the fact that I generally don’t like Subarus. I’m fully aware that it makes me a little bit hypocritical; despite saying we would like a car to be stripped down with a fantastic engine and platform, when Subaru offers that exact formula I realize I don’t like it. While the engine and drivetrain are quite excellent, the interior appears to have been made from recycled tires, cardboard boxes, some bits of cloth from the thrift store and some left-over pieces of string. It should be the perfect car guy formula… but I don’t like them one bit.

This commercial is almost enough to make me re-think that. Almost. Except for the fact that it’s cold out there, and my fireplace is nice and warm. Sure am glad I didn’t buy that Snuggie though…

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