Stereotypes Ahoy! 1970s Holden Ad Explains Australians

Ah, the 1970s. An era of unrepressed malaise, in which the atmosphere of boundless optimism was, itself, optimistic at best. This video, featuring completely irrelevant close-up shots of mammaries in small bikinis, seems to attempt to bring out the patriotism of Australians in spite of the general mediocrity of automobilia available to them, either domestic or imported. Unfortunately, it is bringing out the patriotic spirit using little more than the shallowest of stereotypes. One wonders how well it worked.

It reminds me of the “I Am Canadian” ads from Molson a few years back, except that Molson’s approach was to speak out against those tired stereotypes. Not that it helped.

The counterpart ad, planned for New Zealand, with the catchy jingle, “Sheep, Sheep, Sheep and Holden Cars” met with even less success.

In A Snowbank, No-One Can Hear You Scream: The Hooniversal Polar Expedition, Part III

Redusernab: Stayin' Classy.

In the previous chapter, we explored all the various forms of training and preparation for a mission to the North Pole that we successfully ignored in favour of drinking nice cups of coffee and strong forms of alcohol. Eventually we realized that our training was never going to be properly completed, and was really just another form of procrastination. If I haven’t already squandered what little interest you had in our mission, read on to hear of the mission itself.

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Vintage Australian Touring Car Racing: Because You Weren’t Going To Be Productive Today Anyhow

Deartháir February 2, 2010 Vintage Racing

Who doesn't like a racing Mini? Especially when you add in a Mustang or three.

The Incomparable Mr. Scroggs has come through once again in his singular mission to destroy your productivity.

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Ferrari Dealership Proves Douchebag Ferraristi Stereotype

Deartháir February 1, 2010 All Things Hoon

Okay, put your shirt back on. And do up your damn pants. You're scaring the dog.

The Edmonton Motor Show was this weekend. While it is difficult to truly express how thrilling it was to walk through a giant auditorium that seemed to be little more than a used car lot filled with 5,000 people, there were, at least, a few highlights.

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Hindsight Is 20/20: The Hooniversal Polar Expedition, Part II

Just when you thought it was safe to leave Redusernab...

In the previous episode, we spent a great deal of time arguing about which vehicle should be our appropriate choice of steed for a mission to the North Pole. We accomplished a great deal of arguing and managed to keep the liquor production industry of Canada in business for another day. We did not accomplish much else. As such, it was time to make preparations to go!

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Happy Birthday to the Automobile!

Deartháir January 29, 2010 All Things Hoon

It all started with a kiss. Wait, no. A Benz. Not a kiss.

For those of you unaware, today is the day that many would consider the birthday of the automobile. Today, January 29, is the date that Karl Benz patented his original three-wheeled motorcar, the Patent Motorwagen, back in 1886.

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Redusernab Asks: What Would a Redusernab Video Game Look Like?

Deartháir January 29, 2010 Redusernab Asks

Don't even try and tell me you wouldn't want to race one.

The key to success in racing is speed, consistency, reliability and a bit of luck. The key to success in Hooniversal racing is not blowing up.

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Drunkenly Into Oblivion: The Hooniversal Polar Expedition

Like so many other great ideas, this one was borne of a whole lot of alcohol. We were sitting in the Techie Lounge and watching the Top Gear Polar Special. After a few more drinks, someone scoffed at the goings-on in the saga, letting loose with the fatal words that have doomed many men before: “How hard can it be?”

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The Perfect Shop Truck

With just the right amount of patina. The seller assures us that is not "rust".

We have a bit of a weakness here for forward-control or cab-over pickups. The Corvair, Dodge and Econoline cab-overs are fantastic, and I’ve always had a soft spot for the Volkswagen Transporter pickups, even though they’re not exactly forward control anymore. But they used to be! That counts, right?

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Therapy, Jeremy Clarkson Style

Deartháir January 28, 2010 All Things Hoon

Having a rough morning? Need a bit of motivation to get moving? Need a little bit of cheering up?

Does someone have a case of the Mondays?

Yes, well all of that nonsense will get better with a little help from Jeremy Clarkson. I’m sure some of you fanatics have seen this before, but in all the seasons I’ve watched, I’ve never seen this clip before. Somehow, it makes me feel that all is just fine in the world. Enjoy.


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