Ride along as a Caterham Seven 620 R rips up the hill at Goodwood

Jeff Glucker January 11, 2018 All Things Hoon

In the mad stable of Caterham cars, the Seven 620 R is the fastest machine you’ll find. Thanks to its supercharged 2.0-liter Ford engine it produces 310 horsepower at the crank while weighing just 1,200 pounds. That power-to-weight ratio enables a 0-60 mile per hour blast which is over in 2.79 seconds. To say this car is quick is a vast understatement.

Would you like to go for a ride in one? This is probably your best chance to do so. Hop in the wrong seat for a ride up the hill at Goodwood. If you find yourself grabbing the armrest of your chair, know that you’re not alone.

BaremetalHW brings a Studebaker Lark Wagonaire back to life

Jeff Glucker January 10, 2018 All Things Hoon

The scale-automotive Bob Ross is back with another wonderful restoration video. BaremetalHW is taking up the task of restoring a beat-up Studebaker Lark Wagonaire. This means removing all the pieces, stripping the remaining paint, and prepping much in the same way one might with the full-size machine.

While I like the original blue and some of that patina, the Lark longroof winds up with a fresh new color scheme.

It’s the middle of the week, so to inch your way closer to Friday you should hit play. Pop on some headphones, grab your coffee or tea, and zone out for a few minutes before getting back to your TPS reports.

CHAD has arrived for your true autonomous driving needs

Jeff Glucker January 9, 2018 Hoonivercinema

Earlier I asked what you would like to see regarding technology in cars over the course of the next ten years. Apparently the team at Car Bros is way ahead of us all. They’ve perfected autonomous driving while the rest of the Motor City and Silicon Valley have been snoozing. Say hello to CHAD.

This is the highest level of autonomous driving available on the market. In fact, it’s four levels ahead of what’s currently available here in the States. If you want to get in on the ground floor of the future, then CHAD is your ticket to ride.

Just, you know, make sure you update its firmware before setting off to Chipotle.

Redusernab Asks: What tech do you want to see incorporated into cars in the next 10 years?

Jeff Glucker January 9, 2018 Redusernab Asks

CES is in full swing. It’s a tech showcase, but it’s also become a de facto starting point for automakers to announce forward-thinking concepts and production-ready features. Most of the buzz will be around autonomous advancements and electrified powertrains, but that might not be what interests you most. I mean, you’re here after all, aren’t you?

So my question for you is; What technology do you hope finds its way into automobiles within the next ten years? Be it powertrain based, safety related, or maybe you’re just into high-end audio… what do you want to see in a car in the very near future?

Also, this GIF is still the greatest thing this website has ever posted. It might be one of the earliest things we’ve posted as well.

HCOTY 2017 – Here’s your winner…

There were a wide range of nominees, but as the documentary film The Highlander has taught us… there can be only one. Click on down past the jump to see which vehicle wins the illustrious honor of being called a Redusernab Car of the Year.

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Redusernab Asks: What’s the craziest part you can find for your car for sale online?

Jeff Glucker January 5, 2018 Redusernab Asks

Over on Jalopnik, there’s a post about a very curious part being offered for sale on eBay. It’s a turbocharger. Not just any spin-loving snail though, as this one is the type formerly employed by BMW to force air into its M12 Formula One engines. Yes, you can have the turbo components that help Megatron engines produce upwards of 1,400 horsepower.

It’s not cheap, of course. . That’s a lot of coin for a setup that didn’t even perform well in its day. Still, if you’re a BMW fan with money burning a hole in your pocket, it could as least make for some amazing automotive art.

It is certainly insane. It would be more insane if someone managed to swap this into a setup under their hood. Now I’m curious what might exist for other cars that’s on the same level of insanity.

What have you found for sale online that could be adapted to work in your own vehicle?

Who wins when a Lamborghini Huracan drag races an Ultra 4 off-road race buggy?

Jeff Glucker January 4, 2018 All Things Hoon

The short answer is: everyone. Everyone wins, because this is the sort of random vehicular shenanigans we can get behind. In one corner you have the supercharged Lamborghini Huracan owned and driven by slideways extraordinaire Samuel Hübinette. In the other corner sits the Ultra 4 race rig driven by Jason Blanton.

There’s a serious weight difference here, as Blanton says his off-road machine weighs in at somewhere around 5,000 pounds. That Huracan is probably around 3,300 pounds and it’s also making 800 horsepower. Blanton’s beastie is no slouch though thanks to its 572 cubic-inch V8 that cranks out 900 horsepower.

Who’s going to win? Like I said all of us. Oh, and one of them too. It’s not a tie. Click play and give it a watch. If you don’t have time for the full video, you can jump to around the 2:35 mark.

Redusernab Asks: What’s the best vehicle to take on the Hot Rod Power Tour?

Jeff Glucker January 4, 2018 Redusernab Asks

This year marks the 24th annual running of the Hot Rod Power Tour. For 2018, the festivities kick off in Bowling Green, Kentucky and then thousands of cars and spectators will wind their way over to the zMax Dragway in Concord, North Carolina. It’s seven days, seven cities, and tremendous amounts of horsepower. If you were to attend the Power Tour, what sort of vehicle would you bring?

If you’re Jim Bassett, the answer is a 1954 Chevy School Bus that also tows a 1969 Chevy Camaro. Watch the video above to learn all about both vehicles, but you’re going to want to focus on the specs of the bus. Especially because it’s making 500-600 horsepower and possibly 1,200 pound-feet of torque.

All hail the Cummins the 12V.

So Jim already has a damn fine answer to the question being posed. How about you? What would you bring to the Power Tour?

Podcast: Episode 232 – Back in action

We’ve missed you! It’s been a lot of SEMA episodes, but those episodes enable us to give you ear-hole content while taking in a much-needed holiday break. That break is now over, and we’re back in the studio talking car stuff (and all the other crap that rambles into our vapid brains).

Josh Ostrander joins us in the studio for this episode. We talk about his first time in Baja, how we met, and how he’s moved from a few entry jobs into a full-time video gig with a large company.

Also… car stuff!

Shift Happens: A Kia Stinger GT AWD in the slush

I’ve already driven . That was on California roads, under the sun, in perfect conditions. Heading back east for the holidays, I wanted to see if I could spend a bit more time with the car and experience the AWD version in the cold.

You might expect that I’d do a proper review… but it’s holidays and I just wanted to see if I could get the car to slide. Spoiler alert: The damn Michelin Pilot Sport AS3+ tires are better than I thought they would be. Couple that with the AWD system sending that power to the front and the result is some not-so-slidey circles in a slushy parking lot in Southern RI.

I’ve let you down, I’m sorry. But in other news, those are some damn good tires.

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