Project Car SOTU 2016: HoonTruck


A victory, for me, in the garage can be something that others might consider trivial, small, or perhaps even meaningless. To get two victories in one day… well that’s just something that doesn’t really happen. Yet it did happen recently when I was out in the garage. Face cozied up close to 5.8-liters of Blue Oval goodness in the form of my old FE lump. The task at hand on this day was to clean up the engine bay a bit and then eyeball the suddenly more sloppy steering column.

Two jobs that would be easy for the average wrench. On this day for me, they would prove nearly as simple as one might expect, which is part of the victory at play.

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Project Car SOTU 2016: The Wombat


Yes… the Wombat is still there.

It’s been some time since we last had an update for you on the status of The Wombat. This is our 1984 Mercedes-Benz 300TD that currently has a 5.7-liter HEMI V8 sitting in the engine bay bolted to the oddball 5-speed automatic. It was all plucked out of a wrecked 2004 Dodge Ram, and it’s doing nothing at the moment in our Benz.

Why is that?

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First Drive: 2017 Infiniti QX30

If you have a modern car company, you need to have a compact crossover in your lineup. Infiniti is ready to do battle with their own entry, which isn’t fully their own. It’s the 2017 Infiniti QX30 and it’s hiding Mercedes-Benz bits under its skin. It’s that very skin, however, that will help set it apart from the rest of the segment.

Can it stand on its own? Click play and find out.

[Disclaimer: Infiniti put me on a plane and flew me to Seattle where I stayed in a nice, new hotel. There was food and booze involved later in the evening.]

Podcast: Episode 162 – That’s a lot of Guinness…


Zack and I are in the studio this week, and it’s time to talk cars. I’m fresh off a trip to Atlanta to drive the new Grand Sport Corvette, and Zack is back from filming stuff for The Drive that he can’t talk about just yet. Also, I’ve been keeping track of every vehicle that my daughter Sloane has ridden in over the course of her first year of life. The entire list gets a run through, on this episode of the Redusernab Podcast.

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Redusernab Asks: Are You Ready for Another Project Car SOTU?!

HoonTruck burnout

It’s that time of year again! Well, I guess it is – there’s isn’t a set time of year for our Project Car State of the Union, but that’s where we are today. If you like this day, then I’ve got some good news for you. We’re making it a full week.

Say hello to Project Car SOTU Week 2016. Each day we’ll filter in project car updates for all of our various machines, and the stories will run in between some of your regularly scheduled content (The News, Podcasts, etc).

So… this isn’t much of a Redusernab Asks, it’s more of an excuse to prime the pump for a week of project car goodness (and badness… mostly badness).

Here’s a question for you. Which vehicles are you looking to hear about?

Don’t say Wombat.Don’t say Wombat.Don’t say Wombat.Don’t say Wombat.

Quick Pic: Quite a Grand Sport indeed…

Jeff Glucker July 22, 2016 Quick Pics


This is the 2017 Corvette Grand Sport and that’s me behind the wheel. I like to pretend I know what I’m doing, but this car felt great out there. Full video of the First Drive coming soon.

Fastback Friday: Engine-swapped 1968 Volkswagen Type 3

VW Fastback

I think we should all own an old Volkswagen at some point in our life. I’m not there yet personally, but I could easily see something like this Type 3 in my life. The styling on these is great, and this one looks pretty sweet with it’s dropped stance and eight-spoke wheels.

The seller states that there’s a 1915-cc engine mounted under the skin. That would be a bit larger than the 1.6-liter mill with which this ’68 Fastback would’ve shipped. , but the ones posted should be enough to at least pique your interest.

I’d sure like that $3,500 asking price to be closer to $2,500 as well.

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I’m driving the 2017 Chevy Corvette Grand Sport today
What do you want to know?

corvette gs

This is new C7-version of the Corvette Grand Sport. It’s the one that slots in between the “standard” Stingray ‘Vette and the badass Z06. Honestly, it’s the one that’s probably the most fun to drive since it has all the chassis tricks found on the Z06 but with the easier-to-handle engine of the regular version.

Now, that “easier-to-handle” engine here is the Corvette LT1 V8 that pushes out 460 horsepower. And I’ll be handling it at Atlanta Motorsports Park.

So what do you want to know? I’ll get your questions answered as best I can later on after I spend some time with the car.

[Image courtesy of Chevrolet]

Craigslist on the road: Atlanta Edition

Jeff Glucker July 20, 2016 For Sale

malibu donk

Whenever I fly to a new city and I’m holed up in a hotel finishing some work, I often find myself eyeballing the local Craigslist to see what’s around. Today I’m in Atlanta, so I entered “donk” into the search bar. I expected plenty of results. I got them, but I didn’t expect to find something this relatively new.

. It rides high with a set of 32-inch wheels at each corner, and the tires look practically painted on. This thing is wonderful.

I know I shouldn’t like this thing… but I can’t help it. I’ll take nearly any donk over any stance nation machine every day of the week. This would be hilarious fun to cruise around in for a bit. It’s ridiculous. It’s insane. I can’t believe someone is asking nearly $20,000 for it(!!).

Still… I love it.

Edit: Helps when I upload the pic.

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Podcast: Episode 161 – Flyin’ Solo


I’m alone on this one, but I manage to eek out nearly 40 minutes of chatter. Not bad for a guy alone in a room talking to himself!

Topics this week include:

  • First Drive of the Infiniti QX30
  • Upcoming drive of the Grand Sport Corvette
  • Upgrades to the HoonTruck
  • The launch of our Patreon page (https://www.patreon.com/RedusernabPodcast)
  • A bit of The News, some upcoming cars, and more


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