This is the modern Harlequin Volkswagen GTI you didn’t know you wanted

Galpin Auto Sports in Los Angeles has put together a new GTI that pays homage to its older sibling in a wonderful way. This is the Harlequin GTI and it’s a true vinyl-wrapped delight.

The original Harlequin car was a Polo, but we didn’t get that one here. Instead, our first taste of the rainbow arrived with the Mk3 Golf. Volkswagen produced four cars originally, as a mashup of Tornado Red, Ginster Yellow, Chagall Blue, and Pistachio Green body panels. Everyone loved them, so another 260 were built, and the cost was only $150 extra on top of a Golf. Not bad for an extremely limited-run production car.

Now Galpin has brought the colors back and the result is pretty damn awesome. Two examples have been built, according to , and the initial plan is to rent them out. It shouldn’t be long though before they are sold off, as I have to imagine that true VW nuts are scrambling for another shot at a Harlequin…

especially when it’s a Mk7 GTI under the skin.

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Where are Toyota and Lexus heading?

We a month ago, I spent a solid week with a 2018 Toyota Tundra Premium. It was a nice enough truck, but nice enough doesn’t seem to cut it right now. Ford is selling more of its F-150 than ever before, Ram just updated the… well, Ram, and Chevrolet has a fresh Silverado and Sierra on deck.

That’s not to say it was a bad truck. Quite the contrary, the 1/2-ton Tundra offers a nice interior space and a pair of V8 engines from which to choose. The 4.6-liter base engine produces 310 horsepower while the 5.7-liter (which is the one you should buy) cranks out 381 horsepower and 401 lb-ft of torque.

Still… the Tundra is starting to fall behind. But I can’t say the same about the rest of the family.

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Lexus LC 500 – The conceptual grand tourer, made real

Have you ever driven a concept car? That’s what it feels like I’m doing behind the wheel of the Lexus LC 500.

Everyone stares. Everyone points. Everyone soaks it in. Then I downshift, mat the throttle, and the 5.0-liter V8 creates a sonic thrill. A total of 471 horsepower is released along with furious noise and …decent forward motivation.

Most outlets that test with instruments say the LC 500 will dash from 0-60 mph in around 4.5 seconds. Proper enough for a Grand Tourer, but the inside of the car brings it to another level. It’s comfortable, future styled, and legitimately Lexus.

If the LC 500 will lead the brand forward both design and performance wise, then Lexus has its compass locked in and the automaker is moving in a wonderful direction.

[Disclaimer: Lexus tossed us the keys to the LC 500 for a week, and included a tank of fuel. I wrote about how I mussed up the roof and I still feel like crap about it.]

BFGoodrich offers up a proper mud-terrain tire for RC vehicles

If you’re taking your vehicle and getting down and dirty, there’s a fair chance it rolls around wearing a BFGoodrich tire. Here at the Redusernab, we’re fans of the BFG offerings, including the KO2 for all around off-road greatness. For stickier situations, you have the recently released KM3, which is a Mud-Terrain tire. And now there’s a scaled-down version specifically built for remote control vehicles.

BFGoodrich gave early designs of its new KM3 to Pro-Line Racing. Cranking out RC gear for 35 years, Pro-Line Racing is adding the KM3 RC to its list of wares.

The treat pattern is the same as on the full-size tires. It’s just done on a set of rubber measuring 4.75 inches tall and 1.77 inches wide. These RC tires are designed to fit on 1.9-inch wheels.

This is a pretty cool way to make your RC vehicle match the appearance of your full-size rig. , but a set retails for $34 per pair.

There are a few more pictures after the jump.

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Glickenhaus is working on a modern version of the Baja Boot

James Glickenhaus made big news when he decided to fire up his own racing team and start building cars. The resulting company is called Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus, and its current product is a race car called the SCG003. That will spawn a street version, and SCG is cooking up other vehicles as well. The one I’m most interested in at the moment? A modern take on an off-road legend known as the Baja Boot.

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Podcast: Episode 257 – Come to town… [Solo Episode]

Chris is on the East Coast so I’m sitting solo on this one. That means I’m down in my garage, sitting in the front seat of my Benz, with a glass of wine in my hand… and a podcast microphone in the other. Topics this week include a dash of news;

  • Goodwood highlights
  • Aston Martin DBX to get its own platform
  • Toyota will offer a four-cylinder engine for the Supra… someday

After that it’s on to the questions, and you have some good ones this week. Really, you have good ones every week. Finally, we dive into a bit of my own car stuff. and you can find a review of that truck on Truck Central right now. Later, Josh Ostrander and I are heading south of the border to drive buggys with Wide Open Baja. Additionally, my 1974 W114 Benz is fixed up and back home.

You can now own James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5… but you have to put it together

A 1965 Aston Martin DB5 used in the film GoldenEye recently sold for $3.5 million. You can buy one for yourself, and with a price tag of $150, it’s quite the bargain by comparison. Of course, you’re going to have to deal with 1,290 pieces and put the British sports coupe together yourself.

Lego have created a scale replica of Bond’s iconic Q-modified ride. Crafted for its Creator series, the DB5 packs a lot of features into its 13-inch long footprint. You’ll find the rear-window bullet shield, wire wheels, and if you life the hood the straight-six cylinder engine is waiting for you.

Inside, there’s a tracking computer and a door compartment with a telephone. If you pull back on the rear bumper, it operates the passenger ejector seat. Slot the shift lever rearward and the front machine guns slide forth for action. The license plate rotates and you have tire slashers at each corner.

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Need to cool off? Watch RJ Anderson rip across snow in his Polaris RZR

RJ Anderson has taken his heavily modified Polaris RZR just about everywhere. The XP1K series has been an unreal adventure showing just how far you can push a side-by-side. Well… not you. RJ though, . In his latest video, Anderson ditches the dirt and rutted trails we’re used to seeing him tracking down and swaps it all out for a snow-covered mountain.

The RZR has no problem adapting to the downhill. RJ winds up finding a buddy, in fact, as he’s joined by pro snowboarder Torstein Horgmo. The two slide on down the hill, and we have to imagine that Horgmo is just a tad freaked out that a motorized vehicle is right behind him. If so, he doesn’t show it and the pair soon take to the air. Jumps are hit, snow is flung, and much shredding is done this day.

As great as the driving (and riding) is, I can’t help but call out the cinematography. The Martelli brothers of Mad Media kill it with everyone of these RJ Anderson adventures they put out there. While these are clearly ads for the main sponsors, this is the sort of advertising we can get behind. The footage is excellent. The driving is amazing. And at the end of the day… yeah, I totally want a Polaris RZR.

I’ll crash it, but for a brief moment I can pretend I’m doing what RJ Anderson does in these videos.

Japanese Kei trucks turned into mobile gardens

For Japan, the world of car customization is an anything goes environment. You have . There’s the Dajiban side of things. And then, of course, you have Bosozoku and Dekotora. A more recent trend that seems to be gaining traction, according to , is to use a kei truck as a mobile garden.

In fact, there are contests arising for these kei truck gardens and the entires are amazing. You’ll find landscaping contractors devoted to their art and willing to build these rolling business cards in an effort to share their passion and skill.

We have a few more to share after the jump, but head over to Spoon-Tamago to see the rest.

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Redusernab Asks: What’s the best “driving experience” out there?

This Sunday, I’m heading south of the border. Down in Ensenada I’ll be strapping myself into an off-road buggy on an adventure led by the crew. I played around with these machines a few years back when BFGoodrich invited Redusernab to Baja to sample the then-new KO2 tire. Now I’m heading back because I’ve had these buggies on my mind ever since that trip. I believe this might just be the best driving experience event you’ll find.

Others exist, certainly. If you’re itching to rip off a few laps at a race track behind the wheel of a supercar, a number of outfits exist that allow you to do just that. Maybe you’re looking to learn how to drift? We can personally vouch for the quality of the Drift 101 driving school.  There are stunt driving experiences, sports car drives, and a number of other events out there to satiate your desire to drive something different.

For me, Wide Open offers a chance to truly experience something a real competitor in Baja goes through. Well, a taste of it anyway. These are the same trails, and you’re driving a fully legal class of vehicle. You will never experience Le Mans and the Mulsanne Straight. You might get to the ‘Ring, but you won’t ever drive it at night. With a Wide Open buggy though, this is pretty damn close to the real thing… the dust is the same, the glory is what you make of it. (Yes, I’m likely to use a similar line in the video we shoot while down in Mexico)

If it were your money, which driving experience do you think ranks amongst the best out there?