Podcast: Episode 207 – Dan Greenawalt and Forza 7

Dan Greenawalt, the Creative Director for Turn 10 Studios, swings by the podcast studio to talk about Forza 7. We dive into a bit of his current car love (A Mustang GT350), and press him for some details on the game before taking your questions. 

House of Muscle brings some classic Camaro heat to your screen

Mike Musto and his House of Muscle are back on YouTube with a new episode. The latest installment has Mike whipping through some glorious Northern California backroads. He’s doing so in a 1970 Chevy Camaro that’s been built with the goal of being a track beast.

It does this by coming packed with a GM LSA engine and outfitted with a proper suspension setup front and rear. This is the exact type of build you’d expect to find running very well in an Optima Street Car challenge event.

Musto gushes over the gussied up Camaro as he puts it through its paces. This generation car is one that I personally haven’t loved in the past, but the last few years have changed that. This one only helps cement that feeling that this era of Camaro deserves the attention it’s getting now.

Chevrolet Camaro SS 1LE: Improving on the Alpha

Dear Camaro fanboys, you’re all terrible…

but the current generation Camaro is fantastic. Especially when it comes fully dressed in SS 1LE guise. You take the already good Camaro SS, and then you add some go-fast bits and a bit of blacked-out body work and you have a truly excellent machine.

The noise. The capability. The in-your-face looks. It all adds up to a beastly American sports car that can dance with damn near anything the rest of the world has to offer. Chevy has a monster on its hands, and we haven’t even *begun* to talk about the ZL1 version that exists…

[Disclaimer: Chevy tossed us the keys to the Camaro for a week and included a tank of fuel. We would love to have also seen more tires, a race track, and more time…]

Australian motorsports organization bans Robbie Gordon from competing Down Under

Jeff Glucker June 19, 2017 Motorsports

Robbie Gordon recently put on a bit of a show for patrons outside of a bar in Darwin, Australia. The stunt didn’t win him the affection of the local police, as they’re a bit harsh with the anti-hoon laws in that neck of the woods. It was clearly a reckless thing to do on a public road, so it’s no surprise it captured the attention of the local law-bringers.

According to , the Darwin donuts wound up costing Gordon 4,150 AUD which works out to a bit over $3,000 US. Additionally, his Super Stadium truck was ordered impounded for up to 48 hours time.

Now comes word of a bit more imposing stuff for Gordon and his adventures in Oz. The Confederation of Australian Motorsport (CAMS) has decided to come down hard on Gordon, and as such have opted to deny Robbie a competition license for an indefinite period.

A statement from CAMS reads as follows:

“With CAMS actively engaging more than ever with local communities, government, and corporate Australia to grow and promote our sport, so-called ‘hoon’ behaviour on public roads is not reflective of our values, nor our member base, and will not be tolerated.”

Now, we have no doubt that Robbie knows how to control his beastly machine, but it’s a bit insane to rip these donuts out in front of a bar while folks look on from the sidewalk. Seeing how Australian authorities have reacted to other such bits of Hoon-ery in the past, we’re not totally surprised at the reaction here.

Is this is another case of someone who should’ve saved it for the track or a locked-down area or has CAMS overreacted? Sound off below.

Also, hop past the jump for the full statement from CAMS…

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Take in the Nürburging 24 Hour Race from the perspective of a racer

An endurance race is an extreme test of a car, drivers, and a team as a whole. One of the toughest is the Nürburging 24-Hour Race, as it pits all sorts of vehicles against each other but also against a circuit often called The Green Hell. The N24 is a bucket-list-level event for drives and spectators alike, and one person who was formerly a spectator has now become a competitor.

Jethro Bovingdon, aside from having a tremendously British name, is a motoring journalist in the United Kingdom. He’s on the Drivetribe team and he’s putting out some seriously excellent videos on their YouTube channel.

The most recent of which follows Bovingdon as he takes in the N24 from the driver’s seat of the brand-new BMW M4 GT4 race car. Shared with three other drivers, Jethro and this team take a fresh race car from start to finish over the course of 24 hours, shifting weather, through faster and slower bits of traffic, and through the dreaded dark that descends when day turns to night.

It always turns back to day though, and the light shines on the twisting bit of sinewy road we all call The Ring. The car, the drivers, and the team all make it through with only a few battle scars but one great story to share.

Quick Shift: My 1974 Mercedes-Benz gets #Hella fresh

My 1974 Mercedes-Benz 280 is getting a quick upgrade. It’s a small one, but I think it does a nice job on supplying an extra dash of style. I’ve purchased a set of Hella Lamin-X lens covers to give my fog lights that yellow look.

Against the blue paint work, the yellow fog lights pop rather nicely. It’s a quick change that enhances the overall look of the car.

They were easy to install, but I’m getting a little bit of lift on the edges. It’s not picking up off the lens, there’s just a few spots of bubbling. I’m going to get a strong rubberband and wrap one around each lens to try and put a consistent pressure around the outside. I think that will finish this off and get this looking perfect.

What do you think?

Podcast: Episode 206 – A Manuel Transmission

We’re all in the studio and joined by guest Manuel Carrillo III. He’s an automotive content machine doling out great pieces (both written and video-based) for a plethora of Internet Brands outlets. He’s also a friend of Redusernab. 

We brought Manuel in because we wanted to hear about his latest endeavor; . This is a car that has been sitting for some time, but it’s also the very car that brought a baby MC3 home from the hospital. He’s invested in the outcome, and we want to learn more about it all.

A beautiful hot rod does angry things at the Hoonigan Donut Garage

The Hoonigan Daily Transmission series opens a window into the goings-on at the company’s Long Beach headquarters. This is where you’ll find all sorts of machines doing all sorts of vehicular shenanigans. Most often it’s some manner of drift car, but that is certainly not always the case. There are plenty of European sports cars, muscle cars, and even trophy trucks that have stopped by to engage in their given brand of fun.

The latest car to stop by might just be the best one of all. It started life as a standard 1933 Plymouth complete with an inline six-cylinder engine. Since it’s from ’33, that means it’s just five years younger than the company which brought it to life. It’s been given new life, however, at the hands of TJ Russell.

He’s the man behind  and he’s also a self-described Mopar fan. That’s why he didn’t go with some old Ford or Chevy. This Plymouth has been treated to a Chrysler Marine engine, tons of custom front-end bits, and a bit of actual self restraint as well. The body hasn’t been sliced, chopped, diced, or hacked up. The chassis has been reworked to fit the body, and the result is damn near perfect.

I’m no hot rod guy. I can appreciate the work that goes into some of them, but the aesthetic isn’t my thing. This hot rod, however, is damn near perfect.

First Drive: 2018 Audi S5 Sportback

There’s compromise in the automotive world. Some of it is bad, but some of it is the good sort of compromise. The 2018 Audi S5 Sportback is that good kind. Yes, we’re hopelessly dreaming of a day when wagons will return in large numbers to roam the roads. That day isn’t today, so that’s why we have a vehicle like the S5 Sportback.

It’s a sedan, that is kind of shaped like a coupe, and has some of the utility of a hatchback. It’s also packing a 354-horsepower turbocharged V6 engine, an available sport rear differential, and adaptive suspension. So yes, the S6 Avant would be our real dream machine in this space. But that doesn’t exist.

We can choose from a bunch of other cars that dance around the fact that America doesn’t want a wagon… thankfully, most of them are good and the S5 Sportback is no exception.

[Disclaimer: Audi flew me up to Seattle, put me up in a hotel, and gave me food and booze. They did not take me seriously, however, no matter how many times I said to reduce model count to just coupes, sedans, wagons, and real SUVs.]

Car Bros brings us… The Final Race

The Car Bros are back with a new video, and this one goes deep. It’s a peek at street racing battle between a Ford Mustang and a Subaru WRX STI. There’s clear tension between the two drivers. Yet there is also respect… and lots of shifting.

Power shifting. Slap shifting. The ole automatic back and forth. The manual gearbox caress. The two-handed mega shift. It’s all in here, and more. So many shifts you’re going to need to get a big notebook and fill its pages with new names for shifts you’ve only dreamed one could pull off.

It’s not a happy ending though, as in racing there is always a winner and a loser. Maybe there all losers, but they’re winning because of it. The world will never know. All we do know is that you have to click play and take in… The Final Race.

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