Update from Mecum – My first live auction experience

This '76 Bronco half-cab went for a shade over $30K

Day one of my first auction experience is in the books and I wanted to send you folks an update. I will start by saying this – if you have the chance to attend an event like this…GO. Run, don’t walk to the car. Just get in and drive to an auction near you.

The vehicles on display range from pretty cool to OMG I WILL SELL MY SOUL FOR THAT CAR/TRUCK (or in one case, BOAT). Don’t believe me? Hop the jump for a few highlights. … Continue Reading

Redusernab is going to the Mecum auction this weekend!

This is seriously for sale this weekend - and I WANT IT!

That’s right friends, it is time to experience one of these super auctions first hand. My bags are packed, pre-flight…zero hour is 8am. I am heading to Kissimmee, FL this weekend to see how these events shake down. The folks at have generously provided me with a press pass, but as an added wrinkle I will be looking at the event through the eye of someone who is looking to buy some classic American iron. Well… not directly. … Continue Reading

Random Cool – A Renualt Clio V6 Sport


We love Cars and Coffee…you know this because you hear us mention it once a week. I wanted to give you further proof as to why it’s the greatest get-together on the planet.

Before the storms came out to try and force California into the sea, our friend SVT2888 (aka Leo of CnCPics.com) captured this non-plate wearing Renault Clio V6 Sport taking in the Irvine scenery.

Some stats on the car and a two more photos after the jump … Continue Reading

The Iconic Roadster

Jeff Glucker January 25, 2010 Modern Art Monday

Last week was the first installment of Modern Art Monday, and we took a look at the taillight of the Jaguar XJ. Today we are looking at an entire vehicle. The is a low-volume, high-horsepower monster that takes the style of the classic AC Cobra and turns it into a modern work of fire-breathing art. … Continue Reading

What new cars do you want to see us review?

Here at Redusernab we have a fondness for the old/classic/busted/unusual/LeMons/exotic/cheap/expensive vehicles of the world. The problem is that we also like new cars. These two worlds can co-exist (daily driver vs project car) peacefully, I promise.

We have posted a few new car reviews but they have all been expensive, high-powered machines. Wait, what’s the problem here? Oh…none of us can afford those cars yet. So I ask you, loyal readers, what new vehicles do you want to see us review? I know we all have different tastes in cars here and I am curious what you want to read about. Personally, I really want to find out more about the Honda Crosstour (why are you laughing?) and the Ford F-150 Raptor (why are you crying?).

Sound off in the comments and we will do what we can to accommodate your choices.

Give them the tape! Jalopnik offers a ransom for the Top Gear USA pilot video

GIVE ME BACK MY SON! er show, I mean't show.

Jalopnik.com is offering up a reward of $5,000 (or the 10 LeMons cars) if someone can provide them with a copy of the pilot episode of the proposed Top Gear USA TV show.

Crazy…or Crazy Awesome?

2010 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport

I want to admit this to you right off the bat; I’ve never been much of a Corvette fan. I always thought the C1s were cool, and the C2s were kind of bad ass but the rest of the lineup does nothing for me. That is until I drove my first Corvette two years ago – it was a 2008 Z06 and it was excellent. We as much fun as the wilder Dodge Viper but it wasn’t actively trying to kill me like the Chrysler. The noise, power and acceleration are things I expected to be there but they all arrived with a greater tone, force, and speed. I didn’t expect the car to be comfortable but it was quite accommodating for my US-bred bottom. That Z06 was an eye-opener.

For 2010, Chevrolet has taken their base Corvette and added a few of the go-fast bits from the Z06 to create an attractively entertaining package. Slap an iconic name from the Corvette’s racing past on to the vehicle and we have the 2010 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport. … Continue Reading

Junkyard Jumble – Answer Time!

Jeff Glucker January 20, 2010 All Things Hoon

Ah ha! I was correctith - that was indeed an Edesl!

Earlier today I posted a scan from the pages of a Consumer Auto Guide from 1985 with a Junkyard Jumble.

Some of you attempted to work out which vehicles were being shown in the image. Hop the jump for your answer guide.

… Continue Reading

Junkyard Jumble

Jeff Glucker January 20, 2010 Nostalgia

The early version was simply known as Clunkers for Clunkers...

Published by the Consumer Guide in 1985, this Junkyard Jumble shows a stack of classic iron – it is your job to figure out which cars we are looking at. I have the answers and I will reveal them later today.

The scan is not the easiest to work from but I would be shocked if you all don’t team up to get the majority of these answers correct. There are 18 answers by the way. Good luck!

Thanks to P161911 for the scan.

You Drive What? (Now in easy to swallow internet form)

Jeff Glucker January 20, 2010 All Things Hoon

This is how you spell "Epic Win" in the Redusernab

Loyal reader SSurfer321 just sent in a link to a site which posts pictures of questionable rides. Now… some of them are not that weird – like . Sometimes you just need to pick up 1000 Solo Cups and a 30 pack of ping-pong balls, and you need to do it quickly.

But then you see an example like…

Head over to to waste hours of your life well, no that was correct – to waste hours of your life.

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