Redusernab Forza Motorsport 4 giveaway… we have a winner

Jeff Glucker October 31, 2011 In General

We made the prize a tad difficult to win, but not too difficult for reader Maxichamp. Here is what we were looking for:

  1. A car with an actual “Gas, Grass or Ass” sticker. No one rides for free mother f’ers.
  2. A French automobile
  3. A pre-1975 Italian automobile
  4. A sign with the word “hoon” in it – any sign.
  5. A 3rd-gen. Camaro that does not have a Calvin pissing on anything sticker. We respect Mr. William Boyd Watterson ’round these parts.
  6. An American car from the ’40s.
  7. A classic muscle car that does not have chrome wheels.
  8. A W211-generation Mercedes-Benz E-Class Wagon. (Don’t be mad, we discussed this and decided E63 wagon was too mean)
  9. A BMW 6 Series from the E24 era. (To remind us of our dearly beloved Überbird)
  10. A modern exotic with an MSRP greater than $250,000.

Keep reading to see Maxichamp’s photos…
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The Redusernab Forza Motorsport 4 Giveaway Update Post

Jeff Glucker October 30, 2011 In General

It seems we might have a winner. I am pouring over the images sent in, and it seems someone managed to wrangle up all ten items on the list. Stay tuned for an official announcement on Monday morning.

Bullitt car chase, now in 1/32 scale

Jeff Glucker October 28, 2011 All Things Hoon

One of the most iconic car chases in cinematic history is the 10 minute 53 second race through San Francisco from the film Bullitt. A 1968 Dodge Charger with a 440 under the hood leads Detective Bullitt (played by Steve McQueen) who is at the wheel of a 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback, painted in a rather delectable shade known as Highland Green. The scene led to an Oscar for editor Frank P. Keller, and is an instant hit with fans of both good filmmaking and top-notch hooning.

YouTube user Emigre is a fan of the scene, and is also quite skilled with stop-motion video. Emigre is putting these skills to the test by recreating the famous scene… in 1/32 scale.

The full-length chase doesn’t come out until 2012, but Emigre has posted a teaser clip to whet our appetites for the real thing. Check it out after the break.

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Steve Millen versus a helicopter at the 2011 Targa New Zealand

Jeff Glucker October 28, 2011 Motorsports

Stillen GT-R versus a helicopter at the 2011 Targa New Zealand

Here at in the Redusernab, we’re huge Steve Millen fans. Both his racing resume and his Stillen tuning company produce results that make has happy to be hoons. Millen is currently in the Southern Hemisphere participating in the 2011 Targa New Zealand with his Stillen GT-R. Of course, these events have a bit of downtime between stages, which makes for idle minds dreaming up new ways to push their machines.

Steve decided to keep the GT-R warm with a bit more racing, only he wasn’t running against the stage clock. Instead, fellow competitor Leigh Hopper brought out a helicopter and faced off against the orange and black Nissan monster.

Click past the break for video of the showdown.

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The post where we announce that we’re giving away a copy of Forza Motorsport 4 *Update

Jeff Glucker October 28, 2011 In General

Forza Motorsport 4 is currently undergoing heavy rotation on the Redusernab SoCal HQ television. We’re slowly leveling up, collecting cars, applying paint and decals, and fighting it out with other Forza players. We have a bit of a problem though, you see. Forza 4 lets you create clubs where users can share cars, tuning setups, paint schemes, and basically race together and enjoy the game as a group.

Right now, our TheRedusernab club has four members, counting your author. Redusernab was already taken, as was the [HOON] club tab, but that’s a story for another day.

We want more people to play with (wait, that sounds weird…) so we’re going to get the ball rolling here. A Friend of Redusernab was kind enough to donate an unopened copy of the game as well as two promotional posters from Turn 10 Studios… and we’re giving away this Forza swag to one of you.

Before you get too excited though, we’re not going to just hand this out to anyone…

Keep reading to find out how you can win a copy of the game.

*Update: We may have a winner…

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Lucas Di Grassi shows you his point of view on a Formula One racetrack

Jeff Glucker October 27, 2011 Motorsports

Lucas Di Grassi is younger than me, better looking, and has a Brazilian accent. He’s also Pirelli’s official test driver for the 2011 Formula One season. That means Di Grassi gets a ton of seat time in amazing machines, and that he also knows what he’s doing out in the track in said machines.

Like most automotive enthusiasts, we here at the Redusernab sometimes ponder what it would be like to put our hands upon a steering wheel that’s more complex than the Antikythera mechanism (I just made our friends smile). Since we will most likely never get the chance to attempt a stint in the cockpit of such a machine, we can take solace in the face that Di Grassi has strapped a camera to his face and shown us what it’s like.

Remove the tire warmers and click on past the break to check out his excellent F1 at Eye-Level video.

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No, it doesn’t have a Hemi but this truck hits nearly 200 mph in the span of a mile

The Texas Mile is the annual showcase of high-horsepower machines running down a long stretch of asphalt as they chase ever-increasing top speeds. One vehicle that lines up at the start line isn’t your average ultra-tuned Lamborghini Gallardo or Ford GT. Instead, this particular vehicle has a bed in the back and a large GMC badge up front. It’s a pickup truck.

It’s a pickup truck with a 427 cubic-inch LSX paired with a turbocharger large enough to eat small dogs.

Known as the ‘Lil Sis, this particular GMC 1500 pumps out over 1,000 horsepower and is just a few tenths shy of breaking through the 200 mph barrier. Keep on reading to watch video of ‘Lil Sis at the 2011 Texas Mile.

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2012 Honda Civic Si: A boy racer grows up

2012 Honda Civic Si

Introduced to the Japanese market in 1984, the Honda Civic Si was an exciting new hot hatch baked up just for the land of the rising sun. A 1.5-liter ZC1 four-cylinder engine produced 122 horsepower, which was enough to push the Si from 0-60 miles per hour in 8.9 seconds. As Americans, our first glimpse of the Si badge didn’t happen until a year later when the 1985 Honda Civic CRX Si landed on U.S. soil. The engine in that car only made 91 horses, but the CRX Si still ran from 0-60 mph in less than nine seconds.

Two generations of the Civic Si came and went until we were given the car known as the EM1. In 1999, Honda dealerships were quick to show off the Electron Blue Pearl coupes fitted with B16A2 powerplants. The 2,606 pounds cars are still a joy to toss around to this day, and the 1.6-liter four-bangers love running all the way up to their 8,000 rpm redlines. As a matter of fact, you pretty much have to run them all the way up the rev range so you can enjoy the changed cam profile that comes when Vtec kicks in (yo!) at 5,600 rpm.

I know what it’s like to drive the EM1… because I own one. A 2000 Honda Civic Si that I think looks particularly handsome in its Flamenco Black Pearl skin. Sure, the nose has been beaten up due to some recent highway trouble  under the care of the previous owner, but the car is still an absolute blast to drive.

Since the EM1 first launched, Honda has produced two more generations of the Si, and even added a light touch-up to the car in 2009. Now, however, there is an entirely new version to get excited about. The 2012 Honda Civic Si is here… but has Honda gone soft with its latest red-badged budget sports car? Keep reading to find out.

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Two-wheeled test rider stops to save a struggling calf

Jeff Glucker October 25, 2011 Two-Wheel Tuesday

A test rider was chugging along a South African trail on a BMW GS when he noticed something in the waterway next to him. Turning around, the rider happened upon a calf that had managed to find itself trapped in an irrigation ditch. The rider wasn’t content to stand by as the calf struggled towards a watery grave. Instead, the man sprang into action, and made sure this young cow will live to mow another day (until, you know, the day it becomes a delicious steak…).

Click on past the break to watch the helmet cam footage of this Two-Wheel Tuesday rescue.

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Own a Valentine One radar detector? You’ll know when you’re near an Audi

Jeff Glucker October 20, 2011 Tech

Valentine One reacts to Audi with Side Assist

The Valentine One Radar Locator is a popular accessory for enthusiasts that like to know when they come across hidden Po-Po. Occasionally, the units might pick up the odd signal from automatic doors as the driver passes by a mall or store. Now, however, there may be another false positive signal being transmitted into the cabins of V1 owners.

Someone on YouTube has posted video of their V1 going batty, and the person blames the Audi in front of them. Why? The Audi Side Assist System is supposedly sending out a K-band radar sweep that’s exactly the type of signal the V1 is designed to pick up.

Click past the break to watch the clip.

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