2010 Audi S4

We all know Audi’s illustrious sporting history which ranges from Group B monsters to Pikes Peak killers. The current history features an exotic trio of R8s for the street and the mighty diesels that tackle the endurance racing world. It’s not just the Audi super vehicles which charm us with their sports car bravado and teutonic style. The entire lineup provides one with a feeling that the previous corner could have been taken a little quicker. From A3 to A8L, the Audi family of vehicles does sporting luxury quite well (yes, including the two Qs).

The 2010 Audi S4 continues this legacy by returning the vaunted model where it belongs. The V8 was fun, but the real S4 comes from a land of boosted smaller engines. Do this supercharged version allow for more fun and excitement than turbocharged S4s of yore? The answer is a grumbly, slightly whiney, yes.

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Volkswagen and Apple – A Match Made in Hipster Heaven?

Jeff Glucker June 2, 2010 Tech

I like Volkswagen. They have been making good cars for years, be they interesting, fun, or occasionally sporty (R32 Mk IV, please be mine).

I like Apple. They have been making shiny, well built products for a few years now. I own a first generation iPhone (though it has been relegated to iPod duty for the time being), and I would like to play with the new iPad.

These two companies have teamed up to produce an app which is in effect a digital magazine.

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Bonjour étranger edition

Reader Wasabi was cruising up I95 in Connecticut the other day when he saw this car retreating quickly past him. It is a Peugeot 308 wearing New Jersey manufacturer plates. It’s cool to see it here stateside…but what is it doing over here?

Maybe the rumors from 2007 are finally coming true and Peugeot is thinking about a return to our market.

Any other wild ass guesses are welcome in the comments.

Thanks Wasabi, for the tip!

2010 Audi Q5

Last time I reviewed a crossover, I told you that I was beginning to warm up to them. It is getting harder and harder to find a good sporty wagon, and the more crossover Kool-Aid I drink the better they start to look. If you squint at the picture of this 2010 Audi Q5 above it almost resembles a fat wagon. Those pretty LED eyelids are staring at me and I am slowly being sucked into a land I swore I would never find myself in.

I am in mid-size luxury crossover country…and I like it here.

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2010 Acura TSX V6

The world of luxury automobile ownership often starts with a gateway vehicle. A car which gets to sit with the more upscale members of the family for photographs but is then quickly relegated out of the garage, into the driveway. A proper entry-level luxury sedan should serve to entice a younger generation with hints of what could be in store down the road. As a car owner grows and becomes more successful, he or she will want their automobile to be a reflection of that growth.

The vehicle pictured above is the 2010 Acura TSX V6 in top-trim Tech Package guise. It is the gate-keeper for the Acura family, and it’s welcoming me in with open arms and a fold-out key fob.

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What is the Best Military Vehicle of All Time?

I am opening up this Memorial Day Edition of Redusernab asks to all vehicles, be they on land, in the air, or out to sea.

My vote is biased today…my father served in the Navy for 16 years. He spent time on five different ships during that time but one still stands out quite clearly in my head…

The USS Long Beach.

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Mecum Clears $41 MILLION in Sales at their Spring Classic

The Annual Mecum Spring Classic vehicle auction recently wrapped up and total gross sales exceeded 41 million dollars. The auction lasted 5 days and the Mecum team is reporting a final sell-through rate of 66%.

The Corvette pictured above was owned by Harley J. Earl and crossed the block after someone decided $925,000 was the right price for them. It is definitely a piece of American automotive history, but that is a lot of coin for one car.

Hop the jump for two more vehicle photos and a full list of the top 10 sales.

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A Falcon for Films

Australian friend of Redusernab (AFOH) Mark Goddard continues to send excellent stuff from the land that brought you Midnight Oil. Side note, the lead singer of that band who was fairly frightening in the “Beds Are Burning” video is now a quite well-respected member of Parliament. He is the Minister for Environment Protection, Heritage, and the Arts.

What does that have to do with the Falcon above? It has celebrity ties yet it cares not for the environment.

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2010 Buick LaCrosse

The 2010 Buick LaCrosse CXS is one good looking luxury sedan.

It represents the mid-way point for the brands Benjamin Button-esque transformation from “vehicles fit for my grandmothers driveay” to “vehicles I would happily take on a Vegas road trip”. The first stage in this process was the Buick Enclave and the last stage will be the Regal, but for now we’ll focus on the LaCrosse.

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The HiTong SL50 – My Two-Wheeled Bahamian Adventure Cycle

I recently returned from a week long vacation in the Bahamas, specifically the island of Abaco. The town where I was staying had a slew of cars on the road, but the preferred method of transportation was by golf cart. Electric carts are fun for about 30 seconds and then you realize you have “the slow one”. The truth is that they are all “the slow one” unless you make the jump to a gas golf cart. My friend Cris (the other male on the trip in a group of 6 people) and I decided we needed a little more speed. We had a yearning to explore more of this island and a moped would fit the bill perfectly. The last time Cris rented a moped, he crashed it within the first 15 minutes and the last time I rented one was never. Saddle up and ride!

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