Lewis Hamilton is a truly great champion

If you’re a fan of motorsport, this is a tremendous time to be following the achievements of Lewis Hamilton in Formula 1. The 33 year old driver is on the precipice of achieving a truly amazing feat. Though he didn’t capture his 5th F1 World Championship this past weekend in Austin, there’s little doubt he won’t snag that title by season’s end. Once he does, Hamilton sits with only Juan Manual Fangio in second place for most driver’s championships. Only Michael Schumacher sits ahead with an insane seven world championships to his name.

When Hamilton first started winning, I was excited to see the young man take the sport by storm. His story is a remarkable one. With a dedicated father working upwards of four jobs to keep Lewis in his go-kart, Hamilton won races right from the outset. Often at circuits where other (more well off) families were shocked to see a young black kid battling for victory. His story is one of focus, dedication, and ridiculous support from an equally dedicated father.

So why have folks (at least those outside of his native UK) soured on Hamilton in recent years? I have some theories.

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Take a ride through 1930’s Beverly Hills

Jeff Glucker October 22, 2018 All Things Hoon

Dash cams capture everything. Some of them do so in glorious 1080p or even 4K. Occasionally there’s the odd dash cam clip that’s still interesting even though you can clearly count the available pixels. This wasn’t a problem back in the early days of driving. If someone wanted to create a video of automobiles in action, they did so using film… and that means it can still look wonderful today. Case in point is this clip showing cars driving through Beverly Hills back in the 1930s.

It seems like the idea of lane control was a vague notion for Southern California drivers even back then.

Redusernab Asks: What’s the best car to drive when you’re sick?

Jeff Glucker October 22, 2018 Redusernab Asks

The cold lasted for a week. That’s a bit longer than they typically last but my head was beginning to lift out of the fog. This is good news because I have a supremely busy week ahead. There’s a bit of travel, some track driving, some off-track fun, and even a race to watch this upcoming weekend. But as the cold moves out, a brain squeezing sinus infection has been left behind. My head hurts and it’s constant. I can’t get anything out of my right nostril but I know that side of my face is positively packed with nasty. Hopefully some antibiotics and nasal spray right this issue sooner rather than later.

While sitting in my bed, with an aging dog happy to have my laid up most of the week, I started pondering the appropriate vehicle that one should drive when one is under the weather. Now, ideally, you can drive nothing and just sit at home. But if duty cools and you need to hop behind the wheel, what vehicle would make for an ideal machine?

To tell you which ones are not on the list, here’s my upcoming week:

  •  (We drove their ’73 RS-style earlier and it was great. I was supposed to drive this a week prior but had to push back, assuming my cold would move on.
  •  Fly to Sacramento to drive the Hyundai Veloster N on track at Thunderhill.
  • Come home from that Thursday, then fly back north to the Bay Area to link up with Bentley for the Pirelli World Challenge at Laguna Seca.

Now, to be clear, none of that is being said to make you feel sorry for me. All of that makes for an awesome week. But imagine that the right side of your face is filled to the brim with snot and you can’t get it out. Your head feels likes it’s about to pop from the pressure. There’s no fever, but you still feel hot for no reason.

I hope this clear up soon… or that flight to Sacramento might have just enough pressure to force it all out mid flight. My apologies to the others on that Southwest plane.

Back to the question. What would you hope to drive if you were sick and had to drive?

Last Call: A road to anywhere

Jeff Glucker October 19, 2018 Last Call


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We’re all over due for a road trip. I’m looking forward to the time when I can finally say my wagon is finished, and then load it up with my wife and daughter and head out in search of adventure. We’re a bit off from that day arriving, but I do think about it and I do look forward to it.

How about you… where do you want to go? What do you want to drive?

Last Call indicates the end of Redusernab’s broadcast day. It’s meant to be an open forum for anyone and anything. Thread jacking is not only accepted, it’s encouraged.

Rad Wagon: 1996 Chevy Caprice with a 6MT for sale on BAT

Jeff Glucker October 19, 2018 BringATrailer, For Sale

It’s not just the beautiful deep red paint paired with the black wheels that should draw you in. No, this 1996 Chevrolet Caprice Wagon has a bit more going on. That’s because the owner swapped in a T56 six-speed manual gearbox to back up the LT1 V8. According to the listing on Bring-A-Trailer, that engine is also upgraded with headers, intake, custom exhaust, a tune, and a bit more.

The result is one mad wagon, and it’s excellent.

for more pictures and some videos. This one deserves your attention!

Hangtime pits Ultra4 trucks against Ford Mustang drift cars

Jeff Glucker October 19, 2018 Hoonivercinema

Someone walks up to you and sticks out their hands. In one is the key to a massively powerful Ford Mustang prepped for Formula Drift action. In the other is the key (let’s pretend it uses one) to an Ultra4 off-road race rig. Which one strikes your fancy? In a new video titled Hangtime!, you can see why one is likely a bit better choice than the other.

Chelsea DeNofa, Vaughn Gittin Jr, and Matt Powers are chatting away next to a trio of drift cars when two Ultra4 trucks soar right over their heads. The trucks are driven by Loren Healy and Cody Currie, and that pair get this horsepower party started correctly.

The trucks can take to the air, but can also dish out delicious drifts and tire-maiming action just like the Mustangs. For me, there’s no question, I’d prefer to take the Ultra4 rig out for some action.

Watch the video above and see if you come to the same conclusion. 

Also, it should be noted that this video was produced by our old friend Sam Nalven (Drift Idiot). Nice work, Sam! 

This is the 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

It’s popped its mean mug up a bit too early, thanks to one eager Instagrammer. What you’re looking at is an early peek at the upcoming 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. The maddest of the Mustangs, outside of the not-street-legal Cobra Jet factory drag car. Actually, this one might be more insane because it most likely has essentially the same engine as the drag car but can dance in more directions.

Is this the Mustang Shelby GT 500 engine?

, but some are saying that figure might be conservative. And that’s crazy. This may be the last hurrah for the horsepower wars, but it’s undoubtedly a targeted shot. 

That maw? It’s gaping. That wing? It’s large. Both are easily overlooked because the prospect hiding behind the exaggerated body bits is the most powerful street-legal production Ford Mustang ever built.

Like you, I assume, I’m very ready for the Adding Lightness Wars to commence. But I’m not in a total rush to see the Horsepower Wars fizzle out just yet.

Mercedes-AMG had to pump the brakes on its One hypercar… because it idles at 5,000 rpm

When your plan is to take a powertrain from Formula 1 and adapt it for road-car use, there are bound to be hurdles. Mercedes-AMG is experiencing this with its bonkers One hypercar. According to a story in , the F1-derived engine likes to idle at 5,000 rpm and that is less than ideal for the purposes of emissions.

The goal is to have the car idle happily at 1,200 rpm but down there the engine isn’t comfortable. It’s breaking up. It’s not stable. This is, after all, an AMG Petronas turbo V6 normally ripping down a race track as the revs soar over 10,000 rpm and onward towards 15,000 rpm.

Fret not, hypercar fans. AMG engineers have already started cranking on further engine development. This sets the project back nine months from its initial delivery estimate, but AMG’s top brass say the car is once again moving forward.

It should be ready for arrival some time in the second half of 2020.

Kris Meeke returns to the WRC, this time with Toyota Gazoo Racing

Jeff Glucker October 17, 2018 Motorsports

Kris Meeke made an early exit from his Citroën WRC career. The race team supporting him at the time felt he was crashing far too often and that led to a dismissal for Meeke and co-driver Paul Nagle. Despite his recent slew of offs, Meeke is a talented driver and a likable one to boot, so it’s good to see him pick up with another team. That would be Toyota Gazoo Racing, which just snagged Meeke to run its Yaris through the woods and over the hills.

Meek seems genuinely happy to be back in a race car and also seems at ease with his new team:

It’s just a huge pleasure and honor to be back. Three years ago, I sat down with Tommi Makinen and discussed the possibility of me going there, but at the time it was just a vision. I would have needed to commit to a season without any rallies at first, and at the time, I needed to do a full season because I had never done one up to that point. Tommi understood my point of view, but the simplicity and logic of his vision never went away from me, and even once I had made my decision, part of me wondered if I’d missed an opportunity. So I’m delighted and grateful to have that opportunity again.

The 47th season of the WRC series kicks off in January 2019 in Monte Carlo.

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Larry Kosilla details his dirtiest car yet
A 1994 Eagle Talon… that’s spent 10 years in the woods

Jeff Glucker October 17, 2018 All Things Hoon

What’s the dirtiest car you’ve ever cleaned? Perhaps a junkyard slag you’ve hauled out of your local spot needed some shining up, or maybe your daily driver was being neglected and needed a proper detail. What about a car that’s been left to sit in the woods, what would that look like? Larry Kosilla from Ammo NYC has found out because he just detailed a 1994 Eagle Talon that’s spent the last ten years tucked away in the trees.

The owner has relocated to the Caribbean and wants to export this car down to the islands so that it may once again be properly enjoyed. To start the process, the car needs to be extricated, cleaned, and then repaired. Larry’s in charge of the first two parts, and he sets in for one hell of a job.

The AMMO NYC FROTHe is my new favorite car washing tool

It’s a job that includes the removal of many critters, both living and deceased, and a decade of mold and grime accumulation. The finished product is remarkable, and it shows that Kosilla is a true expert of his craft.