This is the Life of a Wheel

Jeff Glucker December 7, 2018 Hoonivercinema

A wheel starts off, quite simply, as an idea. The designer imagines it in their head. That brain imprint turns into a sketch, which eventually materializes in the virtual space of a computer. After that, metal is forged and bent. Seams are welded. Pieces are brought together to form the footprint of a vehicle. After that, there’s testing and more testing that needs to be done. All to ensure that a wheel is up to the standards of the person that trusts it to keep them safe on the road or out on the track.

Motegi builds fine wheels. From street applications to on-track support for Ferrari spec racers, a Motegi wheel needs to stand up to serious abuse.

The video above shows what such a wheel needs to go through in order to transform from a thought into a real-world roller.

Let’s have a look at Australian van clubs in the 1970’s

Jeff Glucker December 7, 2018 All Things Hoon

Car culture in the 1970s was, in general, a pretty awesome thing. You had affordable cars packing big engines roasting the rear tires. Down in Australia, one of the hot vehicles of the time was the van. Instead of working with massive displacement and straight-line speed goals, van owners opted for shag carpets, wood wherever possible, and mirrored ceilings. Australian van culture in 1977 was pretty awesome, and you can see it for yourself.

On an episode of a tv show called Flashez, ABC TV Australia spoke to van owners to get a better understanding of their motives for modifying their rides. Be it quadrophonic sound, a desire for panel-side art, or to simply have more room compared to their car-loving friends, the van culture kicked serious ass in late 70’s Australia.

Though, to be fair, you could clean up the footage a bit and be tricked into thinking this was a hipster van show in 2018.

Parking lot supremacy is achieved when you have a truck

Jeff Glucker December 6, 2018 All Things Hoon

You pull into a lot, eager to find a decent spot. There it is. Turn the wheel, easy on the throttle, ramble on up and start to pull into “your” space. But it’s not your space, and someone else wants to park there too. Who gets the spot? If you hesitate, it’s going to be lost. We also don’t advise getting out of your car to have a friendly discussion on why that spot should belong to you. Even if you find out that you have a shared bond because you’re both running Toyo tires on your respective rides.

The real way to nab that spot is to drive the right vehicle for the job. In this case, it’s a Ford Raptor and the parking spot is best accessed from the bush and curb side of the lot.

RM Sotheby’s is set to auction off this perfect 1979 Mercedes-Benz 500TE AMG wagon

This is the sort of vehicle that I believed only existed in my dreams. What you’re looking at is a damn-near perfect 1979 Mercedes-Benz wagon. It’s of the S123 generation of vehicles, finished here in beautiful black paint over black Penta wheels. The real trick, however, sits under the hood. Someone once dished out serious bucks to convert this longroof to a 500TE AMG. That means you can lift the hood to find a healthy 5.0-liter V8, likely the M117 engine.

as part of its vast Youngtimer’s collection. On April 11th, 2019, the event kicks off at the Essen Techno-Classica show in Germany. . Then head on past the jump to see more pics of this wonderful wagon.

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Breaking Benz: Redemption by the dashboard lights?

Jeff Glucker December 5, 2018 Project Cars, The Benz

It wasn’t all good just a week ago. But today is a new day, and with it we have light… dash lights, to be exact. The fix is simple. The results are exactly what I wanted.

Breaking Benz: It’s not always a wrenching win

Let’s call this one a wrenching win.

Better race car noise: Wailing engine or straight-cut gears?

Jeff Glucker December 5, 2018 All Things Hoon

The right engine note can make your eyes roll back in your head, your mouth open ever so slightly, and your heart beat faster. It hits you in your chest. There’s a wave to the action, and it starts as you hear the race car on a distant part of the circuit. That sound draws closer as the drivers works their way through the course and it all builds up until the moment the car flies on by. But the sound lingers as the car disappears from your view.

A proper race car engine note is a truly wonderful thing. But I also find myself addicted to the whine and wail from straight-cut gears. Am I alone here? Hop the jump for a video showing what I’m talking about.

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Redusernab Asks: What are the more unique presidential motorcade vehicles?

Jeff Glucker December 5, 2018 Redusernab Asks

Today, our 41st President is being laid to rest. George H. W. Bush died at the age of 94. Quite divisive while in office, like most presidents, Bush was a powerful philanthropist in his post presidency years. But we’re not going to take a deep dive into all of that here on Redusernab. Instead, I find myself curious about the various vehicles of presidential motorcades over the years. During 41’s funeral procession I noticed a squadron of sidecar-equipped motorcycles and I had to learn more.

According to an older story in the , the sidecars are hooked up to the DC Police Department bikes shortly after Columbus Day. Why? Not to look old-school-cool, but it’s a move for stability during the colder weather months. These sidecars remain hooked to the bikes until spring.

What are some other unique vehicles used during presidential motorcades?

Aston Martin turns a 1970 DB6 Volante into an EV
Don’t freak out, the powertrain is reversible

The car in the photo above is a 1970 Aston Martin DB6 MkII Volante. Not a ton of these were built. The Newport Pagnell facility where the car was conceived cranked out just 140 examples. Actually, this specific car is a Vantage spec ride, which means just 29 were produced. And Aston Martin went and removed its engine.

Powering the car above is a setup AM care calling an EV Cassette. Essentially, a battery back and motor have been bolted in the place where the engine normally sits. Thankfully, should the owner so care down the road, this entire process can be reversed and a 4.0-liter straight-6 will once again make glorious noise.

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Travis Pastrana’s Nitro RallyCross is insane

Jeff Glucker December 4, 2018 Motorsports

This track layout is bananas. It takes the insanity of the Nitro Circus world, and applies it to Rally Cross. The result is a circuit at the Utah Motorsport Campus built up with a truly wild jump. It’s actually crazy to see drivers take on this jump in the midst of a race. In the video above, you can feel how nervous Scott Speed is when he talks about it all. He wisely lets Tanner Foust test it out first. As you’d expect, Travis Pastrana is ready to send it just a bit too far at times.

Click play to watch the action, and keep an eye out for the Audi S1. Does that thing not look fantastic as a race car? 

Redusernab Asks: What should a heavy-duty truck look like?

Jeff Glucker December 4, 2018 Redusernab Asks

A truck shouldn’t really be polarizing, at least with respect to its design. But that’s the age in which we live, where a pickup is judged on more than just its tow rating, fuel economy, and ability to get a job done. It’s not the fault of the truck, of course, but of designers attempting to upscale corporate design language onto a larger canvas. Sometimes it works, and others times it’s not that great.

The latest truck to get a fresh skin is the 2020 Chevrolet Silverado HD. This heavy-duty workhorse boasts a turbodiesel V8 that cranks out a massive 910 pound-feet of torque. It’s three quarter angles are its best sides, but the face leaves folks divided. Personally, I’m a fan because it’s squared off “toughness” and I like that in truck design. At least for the full size rigs.

Hop the jump to see the head-on angle. Then sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below.

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