Inheriting The Past: Reflections From A Road Trip In My Grandparents’ Oldsmobile

Brad Hansen June 19, 2018 Featured, Road Trip

I’m eight years old, and my Grandpa Dave takes me for a ride in his brand-new supercharged Pontiac Bonneville SSEi. He lets me sit up front, a rare privilege that my parents wouldn’t afford, and my little fingers play endlessly with the dizzying assortment of passenger-side power seat buttons. I watch as the supercharger boost gauge in the dash soars whenever he gooses the gas.

He guides the sedan to a small-town Iowa car show. A magnetizing Shelby Cobra glitters in the sun, and I’m pulled towards it.

On the way home, he parks the Bonneville at a hobby shop and buys me the very same Shelby Cobra, only in 1:24 scale. We build the Cobra model together that night. It is the first of countless car models I assemble in my youth, a hobby I use to bide my time until I’m old enough to spend endless hours and dollars on the full-size ones.

I can thank my Grandpa Dave for getting me into cars.

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