Redusernab is Going to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

Alex Kierstein December 31, 2010 In General

We've made some progress since the Dark Ages.

The New Year is fast approaching, and you know what that means? It’s almost time for the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, one of the largest trade shows in the world. Technophiles rejoice! Nokia’s been nice enough to offer to fly yours truly out to the show for a few days to take a peek at some automotive electronics and technologies coming down the pipeline. They also handed over one of their handsets, the smartphone, for me to use to update you all from the showfloor. We’ll be cross-posting with our sister site, , so look for coverage starting next week coming to both sites, , and our related s.

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Hoonicast #2: Coming Next Year!

Alex Kierstein December 30, 2010 In General

Clockwise from top left: Blake Rong, Jim Brennan, Alex Kierstein, Mitch Bell, Tim Odell, and Davey G. Johnson

We’ve done it again – recorded another Hoonicast for your listening enjoyment. It’s currently being edited by a crack team using a stack of junkyard-sourced 8-tracks in the back of a rusty Subaru Samba, and it should be ready by the first Monday of the new year. To tide you over until then, here’s a sample. Click through to listen!

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Celebrate Crankshaftmas with Manta Claus!

Alex Kierstein December 24, 2010 In General

Reindeer not required.

The season of Crankshaftmas is upon us, and with all its varied traditions (nog, Logs, and toe). This season, let me suggest that one family change things up a bit, and ditch that pokey, jingle-bell covered sleigh for a golden brown box-flared brown Manta!

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A Tribute to Mark Goddard

Ed. – You all may remember Jeff Glucker, our editor-at-large and favorite Zach Braff impersonator. He can’t post here anymore, but to pay tribute to a truly exceptional person, the late Mark Goddard, here are Jeff’s words. And please check out the gallery of Mark’s work at the end of the post.

The term “hoon” didn’t originate on a blog. It wasn’t coined by a website, Ken Block didn’t make it up and we certainly are not responsible for the four-letter word. … well, not this one at least. If you’re not aware, the word comes from the land down under; Australia. It has a negative connotation related to people who drive recklessly and as such the local authorities were forced to adopt “anti-hoon” laws.

That word doesn’t exactly mean that anymore. While it still might mean that to a few folks in Oz, the word has gone global and changed. Now to be a “hoon” is to be someone who loves driving for the sake of driving. You can hoon in your expensive sports car just as strongly as someone can hoon in their clapped out wagon. You don’t need a reason to go for a drive… but you might think of an excuse to go for one.

Even in Australia, the land where the word was born, this word has gone on a global expedition and returned home with new meaning. Not everyone down there might understand that.. but there are quite a few folks who do. One such person was a man by the name of Mark Goddard. An Australian car nut, Porsche addict, outstanding photographer… and a man battling cancer.

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Cobra RS750 Scrambler Makes a Shadow Cool

Alex Kierstein December 21, 2010 In General

While everyone, whether you ride or not, can appreciate a truly cool-looking motorcycle, it is particularly remarkable when a decidedly lame motorcycle goes under the knife and comes out lust-worthy. Cobra USA came up to the plate and decided to swing at the curveball Honda Shadow 750, a pitch few customizers would attempt even a bunt on. I can’t get over how much I love the resulting Cobra RS750 Scrambler, and I think you’ll agree with me that there’s something about an underdog bike being transformed into a stunner that’s even more compelling than a bike that started out great.

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HCOTY Nominee: The Wullet, 5th Door Horseman of the Hoonpocolypse

Salvation? Pray for death!

The Devil doesn’t wear Prada. He also doesn’t ride a horse, regardless of how much . (The horse also comes with cursing, so click the link with caution if you’re at work.) Instead, he takes the GNX out on special occasions (such as taking Saddam Hussein to the drive-in). But for trundling about town running errands and sowing evil thoughts, Satan prefers the Wullet. That’s because while the GNX is sinister, the Wullet is hewn from a solid block of evil, forged in a den of sin, and fueled by the souls of puppies.

The Wullet is my choice for Hooniversal Car of the Year. Can you blame me?

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Hoonicast Episode 1: Featuring Aaron Severson of Ate Up With Motor

Alex Kierstein December 20, 2010 In General

This is what it feels like to listen to the Redusernab podcast.

I know it’s Monday. You aren’t awake yet ‘cuz the coffeemaker is on the fritz and your upstairs neighbors sounded like they were teaching a class how to tapdance in clogs all night long. Your coworkers are sickeningly cheerful and your clients are madder than a jar full of hornets being shaken by a six-year-old. It’s only 9:02 and you’re thinking about burning the whole place to the ground. You look to Redusernab on the sly for a little comfort, something to get you through the day.

Ask and ye shall receive. May I present the first Hoonicast – just over an hour of Redusernab’s finest minds coming together to tackle the burning issues that you care about. Why does the Ford Maverick appeal to Tanshanomi? Will the Monaro-based GTO be a future classic? Are Harley-Davidsons still relevant if you’re under 60 and don’t have a non-ironic beard? Listen and maybe you’ll find out. Plus there’s a very special guest: Aaron Severson, who is the brains behind the wonderfully comprehensive and incredibly interesting , who joined the call to tell us about his site.

Click through to listen to the Hoonicast.

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The Hoonicast Cometh …

Alex Kierstein December 17, 2010 In General

In case reading the site isn’t giving you enough of a fringe car fix, Redusernab has a new way to indulge – a podcast! Yes, now you’ll have the luxury of pouring 100 Proof Hooniversal ranting straight into your auditory nerve! Click through to download or listen to a little preview of the full Hoonicast, which will drop on Monday.

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Not Nigel’s Jaaaaag: Ferocious E-Type Coupe

This modded E-type didn’t even say hello to arrest my heart. It had me at the glassed in auxiliary lights. But wait, there’s more!

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Meet the Wullet – The 454 CID Partymobile

Alex Kierstein December 15, 2010 Wagon Wednesday

Too much rock for four doors.

This, friends, is the Wullet. There is 7,400 ccs worth of party up front, and room for in the back. You won’t live long enough to be arrested! It’s perfect!

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