Showdown: Vannin’

Alex Kierstein January 28, 2010 Showdown

If there’s one trend that Hoons the world over mourn, it’s the penchant for extraordinarily hairy men to gut a shorty van and fill it full of shag carpet, teardrop windows, and sci-fi murals. Unlike that terrible swing dancing trend that nauseated the country for several years in the ‘90s, we think that shag vans deserve another day in the sun (or parked under an overpass). Today’s Showdown pits two flavors of the same “don’t shine a blacklight into it!” style of custom van against each other. May the best van win.

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Boss Cat I: 1,000HP of Turbonique Fun in the Snow!

By now you all should be familiar with the paste-eating, babbling, of that legendary purveyor of turbines and turbine accessories, Turbonique. Lest you think that the egregiously dangerous rocket drag axles were limited to dry conditions, may we present for your eye-rubbing, stupefied enjoyment, the Boss Cat I, a Turbonique-equipped 1,000 HP rocket drag snowmobile.

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Not a Misprint: ’81 Ford Durango, For All Your Fox-Body Pickup Needs

Alex Kierstein January 25, 2010 All Things Hoon

The Ford fanatics among us might be aware of this very special Fox-body Fairmont variant, but it’s a rare bird nonetheless. And it’s !

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Blank Canvas: The MGA, in V8 and Rotary Flavors

Alex Kierstein January 22, 2010 All Things Hoon

With proper fabrication skills, a car is a blank canvas for any angle-grinder wielding auteur. Today, we consider thought provoking variations on that hallowed tradition of stuffing a British roadster’s bonnet full of some lairy motor. However, instead of the more traditional and famous Tiger or AC Ace, today’s MGA twins bring a touch of reserve and class.

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This Manta Will Embed Itself in Your Heart Like You’re Steve Irwin

Some inspiration? Lady and panther not included in the sale.

Care for a German-built car named after a cartilaginous fish and sold through Buick dealerships … all for nine Benjamins and a carb tune? And no, we’re not talking about the a lederhosen-sporting GNX with sharkskin seats.

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This Is How You Use A Garage: Lola Edition

Alex Kierstein January 15, 2010 All Things Hoon

Fellow Hoons, take note: THIS is how you use your garage. More info and a link to some more great images below.

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SAAVe this SAAB! Rare Saab 99 EMS Needs Loving Hoon

Alex Kierstein January 14, 2010 All Things Hoon

You’re looking at a rare bird – a the Bosch Jetronic-equipped sports version of the iconic front-drive Trolhatten terror.

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Trucks that Rock: The DAF-Based Rolling Stones’ Mobile Studio

Alex Kierstein January 14, 2010 Nostalgia

The year was 1968. The Rolling Stones were making hits, taking psychotropics by the British stone, and generally saturating themselves with the full-on excesses that subsequent rock bands have come to know and love. And so it’s not surprising that in the midst of all this, the thought of a 9-5 slog in a regular studio setting made Jagger’s lips all pouty. The Rolling Stones Mobile Studio was born.

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Dakar Rally Pics to Make You Drool. Bring a Towel

Alex Kierstein January 12, 2010 All Things Hoon

We’ve been tipped off to a whole cache of amazing Dakar photos. Hydrate, put on your Nomex and sunscreen, shake the sand out of your Underoos, and make the jump for a taste.

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El Camino Royal Knight Edition: Hot Vinyl Gryphon Action

Alex Kierstein January 11, 2010 Out of Print

There was a brief but luminous period when huge faux-heraldic appliques were the ne ultra of Detroit chic. Remember the “poulet criard” that graced the hood of the Trans Am? Then there was the Royal Knight …

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