In Brief: Jay Leno on the Tesla Roadster 2.5

Alex Kierstein September 20, 2010 In General

Just in case you thought I threw Tesla a softball in my review of the 2010 Tesla Roadster Sport 2.5 that I drove last week, click through and watch Jay Leno talk himself into (probably) getting one.

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Redusernab Asks- What Would You Gymkhana?

Alex Kierstein September 17, 2010 Redusernab Asks

Ken Block’s latest piece of precision-driving gold has been making the rounds ( in case you’re the Philistine who hasn’t seen it yet), and it’s perhaps no surprise that his antics inspired some lateral thinking on our parts. Supposing for a moment that you had at least a modicum of Block’s ample skills behind the wheel, what heavily reworked car would you kick around? AND for bonus points, what would be your venue? (Block has so far raced at , the Port of Los Angeles dockside, and the airbase at El Toro.)

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2010 Tesla Roadster Sport 2.5

2010 Tesla Roadster Sport 2.5 front 1_1280x724

Speak softly, carry a huge amount of torque.

It’s low and aggressive. A gaping, purposeful grille draws your eyes to the shark’s gill hood louvers, then along the flanks to the deep intakes on the rear fenders and to the integrated rear spoiler. The covered multi-unit headlights glare at you menacingly through iridescent lenses. Step inside and punch it. The space-age banshee wail emitted by the huge hand-wound electric motor will prick up the hair on the back of your neck. Put your hand on your neck later and you shouldn’t be surprised to find the seatback stitch pattern etched into your skin.

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Why So Sirius?

Alex Kierstein September 14, 2010 In General

Same engine? Basically.

The hazy mists of time can make a bygone era seem positively foreign. Take the 1980s—the mullet was an acceptable hairstyle and you could run in the path of a Group B car to take a picture. Just as bizarre was the fact that if you bought a Mitsubishi, whether it be a truck or car, chances are it was rocking a variation of the same engine, the legendarily prolific Sirius motor. How times have changed. You don’t see too many Powerstroke 7.3L Fiestas nowadays, do ya?

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I Am Jack (Pine)’s Beautifully Shot Demo Ride

Alex Kierstein September 7, 2010 Two-Wheel Tuesday

The Jack Pine

Rule #1 is you don’t talk about Hammarhead Industries. But we hate rules and we’ve broken this one before with a covert mention of the Bullet, an electrified Royal Enfield. And now we have video, smuggled out of Hammarhead Industries’ secret lair, showing the Triumph-based Jack Pine in action. Make the jump for video goodness.

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Why We Love Dead People With Lazy Relatives

Alex Kierstein September 3, 2010 All Things Hoon
The cleanest Ascona ever

You could eat off of it. Mmm ... Car-B-Q ...

15 years ago, had this remarkably clean wagon come out of the deep freeze blinking at the fierce sunlight, unless there had been a prescient Opel enthusiast 10 feet away with cash-in-hand it wouldn’t have stood an Opel’s chance in salt water of surviving. Drafted to do cheap car commuter duty, it would’ve died a rusty and obscure death filled with McDonald’s wrappers and old newspapers. Thankfully, we’ve crossed the junk car/collector car event horizon, and it seems the little guy will pull through and bring joy (and dripping oil) to some chuckling fanboy’s driveway.

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Antipodean Oddities: The Unholy Valiant Charger E49 Six-Pack

Image courtesy Classic and Performance Car

A bully pulpit is by definition a medium abused by its possessor to espouse some sort of self-interested drivel, often to the detriment of the listener or discourse in general. Luckily for you, Redusernab is a collection of bully pulpits that are built out of DKW fenders and Corvair transaxles, and their occupants are manic street preachers waxing philosophical about Morris Marina door handles and the like. My sermon today covers the most devilish of all Australian muscle cars, the storied Valiant Charger E49 Six-Pack. Sprinkle some holy high-test on your computer, don your special nomex undershirt, and follow along.

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A Goat Would Cry “Uncle” Before a ROKON

OK, so it's no cafe racer ...

Both its driven wheels could be filled with gasoline for long-range travel. Some models sported a 146cc two-stroke motor made by Chrysler. The Israeli army mounted anti-tank missiles on them. It served as the basis for one of the most ridiculed use of federal funds, when the Nader-led NHTSA built an experimental front-wheel-drive “safety motorcycle.” But more than any of these, the iconic ROKON Trail-Breaker didn’t really even need a trail to break – it made its own trails.

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The WTF Files: ’79 Toyota Wooden Truck

Your eyes do not deceive you.

It’s a rare occasion in this line of work that, in that teeming sea of madness that is eBay Motors, an ad actually causes you to do a double-take. “Is that a coffin or is it the Unibomber’s cabin? An unfinished Amish buggy? Wait, am I having another acid flashback?” I don’t have any answers for you, dear reader. Just a quixotic mass of varnished pine and a stringer of saliva escaping my uncomprehending face. Plus there’s a bonus pointless poll after the jump! Make your voice count on this important issue!

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Alex Kierstein August 23, 2010 Last Call


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