What’s up with Comments?

Tim Odell February 22, 2015 All Things Hoon

An update on the comments situation…

UPDATE: Images in comments should now be working!

Update: Disqus is live! Details after the jump…

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This 1979 Fiesta Makes me Happy for No Good Reason

Tim Odell February 17, 2015 All Things Hoon

1979 Ford Fiesta for sale

By now we’re familiar with the standard categories of car listings: the “I pay by the word, better not include any info”, the “I’ve got a burned out shell with numbers stamped on it that once related to valuable MOPAR bits”, the “here’s endless back-story and a Wikipedia copy/paste” and of course the “just needs…” that plays down an infinitude of not-so-minor fixes as though a few good weekends in the garage will have this baby back on the road! It seems, however, that today we’ve discovered a new species of car listing: the grammatically perfect short sentence sprawl.

Before we go further, let’s all acknowledge this guy’s looks like a lot of fun and a steal for the condition at a mere $1900 Buy-it-Now. It’s well maintained and mildly upgraded. He claims you can just hop in it and drive no matter when/what, and that really seems believable.

However, his listing has an interesting pace. He makes short statements about the car. They’re mostly in logical order. The grammar and spelling are correct. It’s all one paragraph. All the topics follow each other. There are no line breaks. The information is relevant. Though, it’s odd to read…

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Submissions Thursday: Back from the Dead

Tim Odell February 12, 2015 Announcements, Featured

hanzel citroen

Redusernab‘s all-amateur cast gives us our unique character, but limits us as well. Simply put, we’ve only got so much time for the site. We tend to go with what we know: I’m all about my projects and your future projects, for example. It’s a good mix, but even the tastiest smoothie with the same eight ingredients gets old after a while. That’s where you come in. Maybe you have aspirations of making several dollars as an automotive writer or maybe you went to a cool car show and took some pictures. It’s not uncommon to think you’ve got a whole blog’s worth of writing in your head, but run out after only . Either way, we’re interested in what you have to share.

…but that doesn’t mean we’ll write up just anything you send in. A few tips:

Car show pictures: get there early for good lighting and fewer people. A bunch of shoulder-height, 10-feet away shots of a cool car with a crowd around it doesn’t quite cut it. Get down on one knee, frame the shot, capture the details and try to talk to the owner about the car.

Skip the rant: we’re not interested in your 1200 word tirade on how BMW’s lost its way or Kids These Days do/don’t care about cars. Framing your rant around some personal anecdote doesn’t change its ultimate destination (falling off the bottom of the inbox, unread).

Builds: Love them. If we had a real budget, I’d do nothing but build awesomely perverse cars all day.

Ownership experiences: Great. Nothing deflates Forum Logic(c) quite like a well-reasoned ownership report from someone who actually owns a car and actually uses it.

I Did a Thing!: This gets tricky. I date myself with the phrase, but we don’t want the car blog equivalent of flipping through someone’s vacation slides. Point is, your coast-to-coast roadtrip might’ve been an incredible experience…but there’s no guarantee reading about it will be. (Presumably) no one’s assigned to read Redusernab, so be sure to write it up in a way that gives readers a reason to keep reading.

What’s in it for you? A lot of people just love the ego/portfolio boost from having their stuff published. We love those people too. If the intangibles don’t quite do it for you, we’d be happy to throw some swag your way, courtesy of the miscellaneous stuff our PR friends send us or maybe a Redusernab decal or shirt.

If you’re interested, hit us up at [email protected]

(Picture completely unrelated aside from being awesome. Copyright Daisy Odell/)

Progenitor of Junior Comp Motorcycle Engined Dragsters Up for Sale

Tim Odell February 10, 2015 For Sale, Two-Wheel Tuesday

dave brackett dragster chassis for saleWhen this largely incomplete bike-powered dragster popped up in my standard eBay trawl, all I thought was that a modern Honda 600cc motor a small jungle gym would make for great entertainment. Not bad at a . Turns out that in addition to maximum fun per dollar (in a straight line, at least), this one’s of historic significance.

Dave Brackett, the builder, built bikes and hot-rods that perfectly captured the zeitgeist of the late 60s and early 70s: and the like. Dave’s work was unique in that he pushed to use Japanese bikes and motors as much as the standard Harley units of the time. On a whim, he put together a tiny chassis and threw a Honda 750 motor in, resulting in low 10s at 128mph in the quarter. Not a super-high trap speed, but quick as hell. Today’s can trace back to this car (and its ilk).

Based on , it looks like someone hauled this thing out of a barn in Temecula back in 2012 and spent a couple years cleaning it up. Assuming that’s not just black Krylon and a dead motor sitting in the chassis, $950 seems to be a great starting point for a cool piece of history that’d still make some speedy passes. Auction ends today!

1965 Falcon Convertible Parked for 25 Years, How Hard Could it Be?

Tim Odell February 5, 2015 For Sale

1965 Ford falcon convertible for saleI probably overuse the world “could”. As in, you could buy a and you could put a in with relative ease. Some of those “could”s are an afternoon of hands-on work and some Sisyphean. In short, I see the potential for awesomeness in the end result and I’m tempted by relatively low entry prices. Thus, you can image the effect this $1,000 ’65 Falcon Futura convertible with a 289 and four-speed has on me.

Typically a recently de-tarped car sunk to its wheels in a side-yard invokes images of Flinstones-grade floors beneath a moss-garden interior. However, this one’s located in San Bernardino, CA, which gets about 15″ (38cm) of rain per year. The place is crispy dry. That said, the seller hasn’t bothered to open the door or hood to show what we’re up against. The paint’s wonderfully patina-ed and the top’s shot. That’s all we know. Luckily, you could get a top from and you could rebuild the T-10 and 289 with relative ease.

It looks like this car’s probably a , so if you could do everything but the paint/body work yourself, you might come out ahead. Of course, that’d be missing the point. Instead, you could clean the tank, replace every line, hose, belt and seal, throw a Mexico blanket on the seat and go for a drive.

1964 Studebaker Wagonaire Daytona For Sale Like It’s No Big Deal

Tim Odell February 3, 2015 For Sale

1964 studebaker wagonaire for sale

Who wouldn’t love a funky compact wagon with a 289ci V8 up front? Despite what those iconic numbers would suggest, today’s subject hails from South Bend, Indiana, not Dearborn, Michigan. Specifically, we’re looking at a Studebaker Lark Daytona Wagonaire. Daytona = 289 V8 powered model, with power steering and disc brakes; Wagonaire = Studebaker wagon with a sliding section of the rear roof. Despite what GMC might’ve told you, our own Jim’s Envoy XUV didn’t really break any new ground.

Maybe we’ll admit that the intervening 40 years offered some improvement to the design of the open-top-wagon-thing. Specifically, the Envoy is actually weather tight, with weather-resistant surfaces (aka hard plastic) back there. Our Wagonaire’s headliner appears to be colonized by fungi in the wake of some water ingress. The rough condition continues around the vehicle, but I’m struck by the rough-but-not-awful shape it’s in…kinda like any other four-digit craigslist/ebay classic. Typically when we see rare/unique cars like these, they’re either pristine and crazily priced or utterly wretched. This seems like an example you could drive and use properly (e.g. palm tree or grandfather clock transport) while replacing the worst bits as-needed. The current $5,300 bit puts it about double an equivalent Falcon or Nova in this kind of shape, but the seller doesn’t seem to have ambitions of too crazy pricing, given that the add reads like any other old car ad (minus a giant Wikipedia copy/paste).

Be sure to soak up the very 1963ness of the Lark Daytona Wagonaire in this old clip:

This 1971 240Z is Pre-Lightened for LeMons Domination!

For those of us looking to broaden our automotive skill set, the biggest fear is attempting some a first-time job on a car we care about and screwing it up. Some hippy named Janis said “freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose”, but let’s apply the  and claim this car’s truly free as it’s got nothing left to lose. Specifically, it’s been sitting since the late ’80s and has severe rust issues. If only there were a way to reinforce that unibody by bracing it with heavy-gauge metal tubing…. If the thing’s gone so spongy a cage won’t have anything solid to mount to, who’s to stop you from tacking in new sheetmetal as needed? There are no concourse judges in this vehicle’s future.

Mechanically speaking, well, it’s all there. Whether it’s “all there” in a cosmic sense that all the original iron, aluminum and carbon molecules are still present but with their locations more, well, randomized (i.e., scattered about the bottom of the oil pan) or “all there” in a change the oil, plugs and gas for re-ignition sense. It was parked back in the late 80s for a reason, after all.

The seller’s asking $700 obo, which puts it in perfect range of LeMons pricing, particularly once you unload the various OEM trim bits this one won’t need while trading paint/rust with a Cerlist-diesel-powered Fiesta or . Auction ends Friday afternoon, get on it! (but not too hard; you’ll fall through the floor)

The Hella Sweet Tow Rigs of LeMons at Sonoma Raceway

COE Ford car carrierLast weekend I had the pleasure(?) of dispensing justice upon the miscreant drivers of the 24 Hours of LeMons “Good Enough Grand Prix” at Sonoma Raceway. It was a small field comprised of teams that had been wait-listed for December’s Sonoma race mixed with a bunch of die-hards. As a result the BMW count (particularly e30s and e36s) was higher than usual (as these teams tend to be skipped over in favor of Ramblers and Super Snipes). Very Redusernab builds (like the 440-powered M-B or blown 3800-powered Suzuki/S-10 thing) were few and far between. However, the overall combination of crappy/awesome intrinsic to LeMons tends to extend to tow vehicles as well. I’m sure Murilee Martin’s wrap up will show up at Car and Driver any moment now, but in the meantime let’s take a look at the (as Jay would say) Hella butt awesome tow/camping rigs of LeMons.

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Class of 2005: Muscle/Sports Cars Edition

Tim Odell January 8, 2015 For Sale

Does the “[year from my youth that doesn’t seem that long ago] was [a non-small number of years] ago…ugh, I’m so old” reflex ever go away? 2005 doesn’t seem that long ago, does it? Even with the last few decades’ improvements in reliability and durability a 10 year old car is far from new (no matter that my brain still processes them as such). 10 years is an interesting point in a car’s life, as the car’s past the “newish” or “middle-aged” used stages and starts to be old. This is where the third or fourth owners decide whether this example will cross the “old car valley” to eventually emerge as a classic. If a car can hold its value over a typical 10 year 75-90% depreciation, it can avoid “throwaway” status.

Today we’ll focus on a few known go-to performance bargains whose identity is tied to the mid-00s: the C6 Corvette, SN197 Mustang, WRX and GTO…

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Turbocharged 472ci Powered DeVillamino: We’re Done. Everyone Go Home.

Tim Odell January 6, 2015 For Sale

1974 Cadillac DeVillamino for saleWhile they have their fans, a 1974 Cadillac DeVille hardly represents the brand’s pinnacle. The massive 472 and 500ci V8 made low-200s horsepower and only high-300s lb-ft of torque with a wheezey 8.5:1 compression ratio. One upside of low-compression engines? They take well to turbocharging. While he’s spared us the details, the seller’s equipped this DeVille with what looks like a decent sized hairdryer on a baffling set of plumbing. From what we can see in the pictures, it’s clearly a setup. Looks like there’s a big adapter between the carb and the block, with one massive pipe coming out of the carb towards the turbo, then another return dumping into the intake manifold.

The simplicity is attractive, as the carb is blind to the fact there’s actually a turbo downstream; it just s in air and fuel in response to the vacuum pulled on it. The downside is now the air/fuel mix is heated up by the turbo, though the presence of the fuel supposedly has a cooling effect compared to a typical air-only compression scheme. The new air cleaner and absent-due-to-damage hood suggest there may have been a few hiccups getting the setup working completely right.

And then there’s the bed. Cadillacs frequently served on hearse and flower car duty back in the day, so this might’ve been an “original” flower car…or just a backyard special. There seems to be a provision for a snap-on cover of some kind and the interior’s got a decent coat of trunk/truck bed paint.

All-in-all, looks like the perfect ride for the owner of a firearms dealership in Bakersfield, California. The reserve’s unmet at $1,000 and four days left; what do you think it’ll go for?




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