24 Hours of LeMons: Justice Comes on Tiny Wheels

Tim Odell September 15, 2015 24 Hours of Lemons

Get too many black flags behind the wheel of your LeMons steed and this could be your fate: lapping the Thunderhill paddock on a hilariously undersized bike apologizing to the other teams for your lousy driving. The cruelty’s amplified by the nearly triple-digit temps and terrible air quality courtesy of a massive brush fire elsewhere in California (though the 191 crapcans present couldn’t be helping either).

Thanks to the team (whose name I forgot) who donated the monkey bike. Apologies to the dude I just made famous (?), as I’ve since forgotten what team you were from, but props for having a good attitude about it.

Old Vs New Bench Racing, Courtesy of Monterey Historics and Motor Trend‘s Laguna Lap Database

Tim Odell September 10, 2015 All Things Hoon

Not unlike the author of , I’ve often wondered if one could show up to a vintage TransAm race with a showroom stock 2015 Mustang and win the whole thing. Aside from actually doing an Old Vs New comparison–the logistics of which well exceed our meager resources–it’s nearly impossible to find old race lap-time data from a track configuration that’s the same as today. Even when we have that, we don’t have a collection of lap times from new cars on the same track.

Fortuitously, Motor Trend has used Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca to benchmark a number of sports cars. Meanwhile, we’ve got this year’s Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion results to go through and compare.

Spoiler: The New Boss is better than the Old Boss. Some interesting comparisons and further analysis after the jump.

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Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion – Nothin’ But Corkscrew

Monterey Historics laguna seca corkscrewOnward with our continued “coverage” (in the form of massive picture dumps) of the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion. Upon receipt of my media band and a photographer’s vest, you can be damn sure the first locked gate I bypassed was the Corkscrew’s. What follows are some highlights from Saturday’s Shelby GT350-specific (this year’s featured marque), the ’55-’62 Sports Cars (Vettes, 356s and some priceless Ferraris), Pre-1940 Sports Racing/Touring, and ’73-81 IMSA GT-GTX, AAGT, GTU (BMW CSLs, Turbo Porsches and some fast but offensively ugly Vettes and Monzas) races.

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Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion: Wandering the Paddock

Tim Odell August 25, 2015 Pebble Beach

Unrestricted paddock access is arguably the best part of your admission to the Rolex Monterey Motorsport Reunion (“Monterey Historics” from here on out). We’re talking several acres of cars so incredible, seeing one on a random Tuesday afternoon, you’d tell your friends about it for a week. Walking the rows with one’s wife and kids lends opposite joy and stress of seeing them pick their own favorites (and even get to sit in a couple!) and OMFGDONTTOUCHTHAT! 

With no particular order or logic, here are some snaps courtesy of either myself or The Missus from around the paddock. While you’re at it, be sure to check out Greg and Badley’s (probably better) shots as well.

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A Westy Syncro isn’t Ten Times Better than this 4×4 E350

e350 4x4 for sale Westy syncro for sale

We try to keep it positive here at Redusernab; we do this not because we feel a need to pull punches, but because we do cars for fun, so why traffic in outrage or misery? Maybe when we run out of awesome stuff to talk about we’ll go negative. All that said, WTF is it with the pricing on Vanagon Westfalia campers?

One one hand we have a pretty redneck-y, but , while the contrasting . I can appreciate the compact packaging, efficiency and overall Indie Kid cred afforded by the Westy. This particular example is in unbelievably perfect condition, possibly the nicest one anywhere. For its part, the Ford sports a 460ci big block backed by one-ton running gear, with an LSD up front and locker in the rear. It manages to wear 36″ mud tires without looking like a Jenga tower. Don’t even start about the 460’s thirst, because you’d have to drive to the moon to recoup the gas savings().

Can someone explain to me why that Syncro’s worth somewhere between double and triple what I would’ve guessed?




Seconds Saturdays Wraps for 2015; Here’s a Photo Dump

Tim Odell August 11, 2015 All Things Hoon

Seconds Saturdays at Hanzel Auto Body Works in Oakland runs from April to August every year, and while the vehicular attendees are incredibly photogenic, we rarely seem to get around to actually posting all the shots we take. What follows is an album of a few (dozen) select shots from this year’s events. Credit for the vast majority of these goes to Daisy (who shot ), not myself. Prepare to have a few new desktop backgrounds…

[Copyright Daisy Odell]

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Buy Scott’s Wagon and Get a Piece of the Redusernab Fleet

Tim Odell August 6, 2015 For Sale

A big Ford Wagon is a wonderful thing. Properly set up with an FE big block and clean interior, they’re perfect for cruising, camping, surfing or hauling a ton of car parts around. It’s hard to find examples that aren’t either too ratty (literally) or in such perfect condition as to command painful prices for something too nice to use properly. Luckily, our own Scott Ith has you covered with his 1964 Country Sedan that’s for sale.

It’s a perfectly 1964 shade of light blue over blue, in super-clean-but-not-perfect 99% original condition. Are the mechanical bits up to snuff? Well, it just completed a 2500 mile road trip, so…yeah, probably. Honestly, were this closer I’d be rationalizing hard to exchange my own for this one.

, and per the reserve is “around $10k”, a perfectly cromulent price.

Bulletbird is the Best Bird

Tim Odell August 4, 2015 For Sale

1962 ford thunderbird for saleNo vehicle better captures Rocket/Jet-Age styling better than the ’61-63 Ford Thunderbird. The pointy nose and exhaust-looking tail lights make it look right at home next to an . The interior perfectly captures the sleek, modern look that so many imagined The Future would be. It’s a clean departure from the late-50s bombast of last week’s Pontiac.

Underneath, it’s pretty typical early-to-mid-60s engineering with a 390ci V8, three speed C6 automatic and solid axle rearend. The front suspension is the shared with the Falcon, Fairlane and Mustang: coil atop the upper A arm and a “split” lower arm with a leading strut rod. You’ll never win at autocross, but the T-Bird’s a highway cruiser, so who cares?

Two separate eBay examples inspired this post, the first highlights the rare 3×2 manifold and a long list of part numbers above the condition of the actual car. A tri-power 390 is a gorgeous thing to behold (though a 406 would be better), and a car to go with them seems to put priorities in the wrong place. Bachelor number two is a more typical stalled project with almost no miles on an engine rebuilt years ago. It needs a brake booster, some floor work and sports what’s likely to be a polarizing grey-over-black rattle-can paint job. The upside? .


V.I.S.I.T., Preludacris Edition

“This is the first and only gasser I can remember ever seeing outside of a car show”. Commenter sends us a photo dump of cool cars he’s stumbled across over the past few months. Click through for a few more great finds and smartass commentary from me.

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1959 Bonneville Contrasts Optimism with Decay

Tim Odell July 28, 2015 For Sale

1959 Pontiac Bonneville for sale This car is too far gone. No one will ever put in the work necessary to fix the extensive rust, decayed interior and frozen drivetrain. And it’s tragic, because a 1959 Pontiac Bonneville Coupe signifies American cars at their most bombastic. The wide track eight lug wheels and jet-age fins stretching over a gargantuan trunk all come from an era where more was more. Irony, self-consciousness, counter-culture and minimalism hadn’t been invented yet. Seeing it in this condition gives off a bit of an vibe.

I’d love to say some version of “patch it up, get it running and drive it as-is”, but it’d be nothing but patch before you could so much as it in it. While it’s doomed, the right thing to do here is pull the useful/valuable stuff like those eight lug wheels and send the rest to The Crusher. Hopefully others might continue living from its donation.

And then the jerk seller has the nerve to ask for a . At least it makes optimistic lawn art.


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