At Least Four People Will Want to Kill Me if I Buy this Car

BMW 745i Turbo For SaleBMW 745i Turbo For Sale

In case you didn’t catch the updates from last weekend, the Uberbird needs a new motor. Funny thing about the BMW M30, the motors tend to outlast and out-value the cars they’re stuck in. Thus, buying a running but beat-to-Hell 5-, 6-, or 7-series can be cheaper than just buying a used motor. This is doubly true for the 745i. Don’t let the numbers fool you, the 745i gets its extra liter over a 735i in the form of forced induction.

In one corner I’ve got a “race car” with a blown motor, in the other a kinda-sorta good turbocharged version of the same motor making over 50hp more…it’s just stuck in a $600 clapped out full size luxo barge. This is the point where my friends and family usually intervene.

BMW 745i Turbo For Sale

After I sent him this ad, teammate and laser safety officer Graham responded “put me down for very skeptical that putting in a turbo motor will improve our reliability”. Former NASA racer Ryan reflected on the on-track durability of the Mustang SVO (none). My dad’s learned to stop replying to these kinds of ideas. The Missus just gives me The Look and points to the collection of heaps already filling our oversized driveway.
So yeah…someone else needs to buy this heap either as a powerplant donor or as the start of a LeMons team. Please. I’ve already emailed the guy. If someone else doesn’t step in, I may be in grave danger.
745i, $600 – Orange County Craigslist

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