Aston Martin turns a 1970 DB6 Volante into an EVDon’t freak out, the powertrain is reversible

The car in the photo above is a 1970 Aston Martin DB6 MkII Volante. Not a ton of these were built. The Newport Pagnell facility where the car was conceived cranked out just 140 examples. Actually, this specific car is a Vantage spec ride, which means just 29 were produced. And Aston Martin went and removed its engine.

Powering the car above is a setup AM care calling an EV Cassette. Essentially, a battery back and motor have been bolted in the place where the engine normally sits. Thankfully, should the owner so care down the road, this entire process can be reversed and a 4.0-liter straight-6 will once again make glorious noise.


That’s not to say this whole electron adventure isn’t intriguing. Quite the contrary, actually. Aston Martin are proving they can keep their classics on the road for decades to come. Since we’re dealing with highly collectible machinery, Aston Martin know they have to be quite sympathetic with regards to the installation of the electric powertrain. We’re not yet sure how the packaging all works, what the power output and range appear to be, or what charging times might look like. But this isn’t going to be a daily driver EV anyway.

This first foray into classics-turned EV serves as a proof of concept for Aston Martin. But with the successful completion of this DB6, Newport Pagnell is ready to take customer orders for similar conversions. The automaker will begin future-proofing its vintage beauty starting in 2019.

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