Aston Martin Announces "Goldfinger" DB5 Continuation Cars

Aston Martin has long been a favorite of James Bond and 007 moviegoers alike and that love affair began with the DB5 in Goldfinger. When you think of Bond, you think of Aston… or maybe those Lotuses he drove for a while, but generally speaking, it’s an Aston that everyone immediately thinks of when the topic is brought up. The Aston Martin DB5 is such a fan favorite that it’s been brought back to star in 6 other 007 films since its silver screen debut in 1964 with the most recent being Spectre in 2015.
The silver Aston Martin DB5 with all of Q’s gadgets is a movie icon that’s been out of production for over 50 years, but that’s about to change. You know how Aston Martin loves doing hand-built, limited-run continuation cars now?
They’re doing that.
With Bond’s DB5.
And it has gadgets.

28 of James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5s will be faithfully reproduced in a collaboration between Aston and EON Productions, the ones who hold the rights to produce 007 films. Of those, 25 are being offered up for sale to anyone who doesn’t mind dropping £2.75m ($3.51m) on a car that isn’t road legal.
And yes, it really will have working gadgets co-developed by Oscar-winner Chris Corbould, special effects supervisor from the James Bond films. Now… I know what you’re thinking, and no, it’s extremely unlikely that the working .30 calibre machine guns will make the cut. The only gadget they’ve specifically listed is the revolving number plates which may explain why it can’t wear real ones.
Each DB5 “Goldfinger” Continuation will be hand-built at Aston Martin Works at Newport Pagnell, the original home of the DB5. As with Aston’s previous DB4 GT continuation project, the specifications of the new cars will be as close as possible to the originals but with some “sympathetic modifications” as needed. Between the guys who built the car (in its original factory, no less) and the ones who make it shoot things in the movies, it’s guaranteed that these cars will be the most faithful recreations possible.

All cars will be built to the same specification with Silver Birch paint, a 4.0-liter DOHC straight-six with 282 horsepower, a 148 mph-top speed, and a 7.1-second 0-60mph time.
Aston Martin expects to start deliveries in 2020. As for the astronomical pricing, it’s worth noting that real DB5s tend to go for significantly less than £2.75m and a DB5 as featured in Goldeneye went for £1,961,500 (US$ 2,494,384) at auction recently. But for those who want a “new” DB5 with all (or most) of the gadgets that it’s so famously carried over the years, this is a golden opportunity.
[Sources: Aston Martin, Bonhams]

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