We’re still cleaning things up over here

Yes, the new design should be in place for most of you. There are some stragglers hanging on to ancient cached pages and stories from 2009. The rest of you are here. Yes, we mostly know the things that need to be fix and we’re working on it.

Here are the good bits so far;

-Disqus is in place.
-I fixed the issue with the header view on tablets.
-Author names appear by the article snippets.

What we still need to fix/work on/update:

-Figuring out how to place Disqus comment count near the author name on the article snippets.
-Making the site MUCH faster (That’s currently being worked on).
-Fixing my damn email. If you’ve sent anything to [email protected], I haven’t seen it. If you need to, send it to [email protected]

There should be a few more HCOTY posts trickling out but we’re going to be fairly quiet for the most part as we dip down into the meat of the holiday. For now, use this post to share GIFs, stories, holiday cheer, or what have you.

Thanks for hanging in there with us. And yes, sometime next year marks ten years for this corner of the Internet.

…God, what have I been doing with my life.

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