Video Teaser: That’s right… the Redusernab Podcast is coming back

Remember the Redusernab Podcast? That lovely venture into the vivid world of voice work was led by our friend Alex Kierstein. Mr. Han Solex himself has since moved on to a writing gig at Road & Track (my, aren’t you fancy) and the Redusernab Podcast died when he left. Now, however, it’s making a triumphant return.

We’ve teamed up with the production team behind The Smoking Tire Podcast, which is currently ranking exceptionally high over on iTunes (and on which I’ve been a frequent guest). I’ll be your host, and a familiar name and face will serve as co-host thanks to none other than Blake Z. Rong. The plan is to publish a new episode every Wednesday, starting this week. At first it will just be an audio podcast, but we have plans to add video soon as well. We’ve posted a clip as a teaser of what’s to come, as we were joined by Jeff Jablanksy from BBC Autos. (He and Blake were cute enough to wear matching shirts…)

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The podcast will be made available through a variety of means, including iTunes and as a standard MP3 download.

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