A quest to bring a 90's icon back to its sports bike glory

Image snagged from Jalopnik

When you love a specific point in time for your preferred mode of transportation, you find yourself hunting down ways to gain a piece of that time. For Peter Monshizadeh, that point in time appears to be when sport bikes were colorful, stylish, and well built during the early 1990’s. That’s why Peter decided to track down a unicorn of the era; a 1993 Honda CBR900RR.
Not only did Peter find the bike he was looking for, but he found one with less than 1,000 miles on its odometer.
After acquiring the bike, Peter quickly set to work restoring it to its original glory. That adventure is well chronicled over at Jalopnik. You can see exactly what Peter needed to do in order to restore his new bike, and he even breaks out the costs of his journey.
Go read it, then day dream about the projects currently in your life or the ones you hope to add in the near future.

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