A Landcruiser by Any Other Name

Any time the words and “For Parts” crop up on Craigslist, I’m all but bound by duty to investigate. When the post happens to feature an ’84 Landcruiser swaddled in what could only be described as the quintessential FJ color, you can bet your betting eyes I’m going to share the glory with you. But what really makes this particular derelict Yota spectacular isn’t its assortment of bumps and bruises, nor the “high-pressure oil leak” it developed in 2006. No, before you learn the details of this truck’s situation, the seller tells you her name – Oren Ishii. If ever there was a perfect moniker for an unstoppable FJ, that would be it. I’ve owned and AK-47 called The Crowd Pleaser, the world’s most useful flat-head screwdriver called Mr. Bendy and a ’78 International Scout Terra by the name of Death Proof, but those all seem to pale in comparison to Ms. Ishii – yours for $800.

Found on [Ed: Ladies and Gentlemen, we’d like to welcome Zach Bowman of , , , and fame to the fold. He’s here to post the stuff that no one else will pay him to post. Not that we’re paying him to post…but…whatever. His remote Tennessee compound rivals Chez Mad_Science for project car density. He once traded a gun for a motorcycle]

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