'79 Hurst Olds Still Available



Just a note: the baddest car ever to roll out of 1979 is still available. The owner, Sebastian, has to go back to Germany a couple of weeks and needs to sell the car. We’ve seen it in person and driven it, alas, it’s been decided the Mad_Science driveway and project schedule is too full for the time being. But we know this would make a sweet cruiser for someone.
The Hurst Dual-gate shifter operates with a heavy metal precision usually reserved for large-caliber artillery. The black paint, while far from perfect, still carries an aura that’s a combination of sinister and classy–mob boss, maybe. It would respond well to a good rubbing-compound. There’s no rust, anywhere. The combination of 1979 + GM + interior might induce wretching in some, but this one’s in incredible shape. The seats are comfy like grandpa’s couch, but far more stylish and far less stinky. The carpets are in “pretty good” shape, and the door panels and dash are just fine. Simply put, the T-Tops are bitchin’. They’re smoked glass, and they swap-out in about 30 seconds. The car looks great with them in or out.
1979 Hurst Olds Cutlass Calais
So really, what kind of shape is it in? It’s perfectly driveable as is. Plan on a few weekend projects to get it from the B- it’s at right now, to a solid A driver. After that, if you want to get more ambitious, there’s no shortage of ways to wring more out of the Olds 403 under the hood and tweak the ubiquitous GM chassis to your liking. As is, this car is built to cruise. To properly drive it, you have to adopt the right posture: arm on the window, one hand on the wheel and just sink on down into the front bucket.
More pictures .
Sebastian put up a , and even stopped by the last post to leave a comment with more info.

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