24 Hours of Lemons: The Buick is back!

2018 has been a slow year for our 24 Hours of Lemons east coast team. We missed New Jersey and Thompson, all for various personal reasons mostly from my side. But now my teammates got race hungry and they said that they’re just doing it. Not only that, they decided to do something different. Instead of racing the Halloween Hooptiefest at the end of October in New Hampshire, a track that’s only about two hours away from us, these idiots decided that they were going get adventurous and to trailer the Buick to Gingerman Raceway, Where the Elite Meet to Cheat
Yes, NHMS was way too close so they’re trailering the Buick 14-hours each way. Idiots, both of them. 
That’s right, there is only two of them where the team needs four. These idiots peer-pressured, bullied, and shamed me into going via a single email that asked if I wanted to do it. How could I possibly let my team down!? And I even managed to find a fourth idiot. The former Boston Globe intern is supposedly a top local autocrosser. Great, I’m gonna have to un-teach him some stuff. 

The race car, shown here as the centerpiece of the prestigious Larz Anderson Auto Museum, needs some work. The brakes were awful at our last race in New Hampshire. The transmission wasn’t shifting into fourth. I think we need tires. The shocks are likely crap. Just the basic things. But damn it, it’s going to be nice to hit the track again. See ya there!

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