24 Hours of LeMons: 'Real Hoopties of New Jersey' at New Jersey Motorsports Park

Hey ho, it’s one of those previews I write from time to time. This one’s for the upcoming race at called “.” This is the eighth LeMons race in New Jersey, a place renowned for its beauty and its total void of state regulation regarding racing. Let’s take a look at some of the things that are thinging at the thing.

Thing verbs thing and other thing. Words go here, this is placeholder text that will run anyway. Maybe a Cousin Alphonse reference with video. You can . And just to keep things interesting, here are some of the more effluent cars on the entry list:

#32 Speedycop & the Gang of Outlaws (Suzuki X-90) – Speedycop’s X-90, aka the Greatest Road Racer of All Time, returns in a new guise.
#451 Park Bench Race Team (Buick Regal) – .
#16 Sinical Racing (VW Beetle) – Crazy Honda Odyssey V6 hanging off the back of the car. This thing is crazy and .
#395 Dahlinboys with Frankenphil (Cadillac Eldorado) – from a team that has raced a Celica and Integra for years.

#7 Sinical Racing (Hudson Hornet) – A totally bitchin’ replica of Mario Andretti’s first car.
#19 Knotfurlong (1977 Dodge Aspen-ish) – Would be the first Aspen in LeMons, which is kind of astonishing if that’s the case.
#4 Duhhh-kota (Dodge Dakota) – Pickup trucks, yay!
#88 Press the Button Max (‘67 Plymouth Valiant) – Old Mopars, yay!

#21 Interceptor Motorsports (1976 Bluesmobile) – The be-all, end-all of Bluesmobile LeMons cars.
#2 Rally Baby (AMC Hornet) – “Cheater” AMC, yay!
#52 The Defeat Device (Chevy Chevette) – Subaru Boxer engine and ATV suspension. This thing is crazy, loud, and fast.
#108 Frankenvette (Chevy Chevette) – Another crazy Chevette build, I think.
#31 Great Globs of Oil (Buick Opel Isuzu) – Some kind of weird Chevette cousin built by Isuzu for Opel and sold by Buick. Or something.

#24 Super Grover (Rover P6B) – British refinement.
#42 Three Pedal Mafia (Isuzu Hombre) – Bad hombres. No bueno.
#912 Drunk Firemen (VW Golf Diesel) – Stock 50-horsepower VW diesel when it last run. Painfully slow but ran like a truck.

Who’s gonna win this thing? Probably one of the kinda-fast cars that doesn’t make any mistakes. You can find out on or right here. . Here’s some semi-relevant information.

NJMP 2017

Friday Tech Inspection (EST)Noon to 5 p.m.
Saturday Session (EST)10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Sunday Session (EST)9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
LeMons Lap Record1:42.020 – Awesome Joe Racing (BMW E36 M3)
Overall Winners2011 – Team Cardorks, Invisible Pink Unicorn (BMW E30)
 2012 – Duct Tape Motorsports (BMW E30)
 2013 – The Silver Errors – Zeigel Scheisshaus Racing (Mercedes 190E)
 2014 (1) – Near-Orbital Space Monkeys (Ford Mustang)
 2014 (2) – Keystone Kops (Volvo 240)
 2015 MR2 Old to Care (Toyota MR2)
 2016 – One Tire Fire (Datsun 280ZX
Class B Winners2011 – Fastish and the Furriest (Volvo 245)
 2012 – Swedish Mafia Racing (Volvo 240)
 2013 – Bill Danger and the Road Hazards (Honda Accord)
 2014 (1) – Team Farfrumwinnin (VW Fox)
 2014 (2) – Fast Al’s Race Team (Volvo 740)
 2015 – Swedish Mafia Racing (Volvo 240)
 2016 – 3 Pedal Mafia (Honda Civic)
Class C Winners2011 – Vermont Volvocheros (Volvo 240)
 2012 – Vermont Maple Runners (Volvo 262C)
 2013 – The B Team (Ford Escort)
 2014 (1) – The Little Engine That Shouldn’t (Toyota Corolla)
 2014 (2) – DeCuzzi Racing Gulf A Fiero (Pontiac Fiero)
 2015 – Team Sputnik (Geo Metro)
 2016 – Rally Baby Racing (AMC Hornet)
Index of Effluency Winners2011 – Gormless Racing (MGB-GT)
 2012 – 3 Pedal Mafia (The Boat, Chevy S10)
 2013 – Speedycop & the Gang of Outlaws (Ford Festiva/UD Camaro)
 2014 (1) – Super Grover (Rover P6B 3500)
 2014 (2) – Prompt Critical (Mercury Capri)
 2015 – Sinical Racing 3 (VW Super Beetle)
 2016 – 3 Pedal Mafia (Citroen SM)

[Photos: Eric Rood]

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