2020 Land Rover Defender Dashboard – “The real thing”

The automotive news is abuzz today regarding of the upcoming 2020 Land Rover Defender. The picture shows a weird layout of steering wheel angled more up than a typical vehicle. Behind is what looks like typical Land Rover gauges. To the side is a small, off-center transmission lever, a screen, and some rotary knobs. It all it all looks rather primitive but not in a good way.

We can now confirm that is in fact not the interior of the upcoming Defender. Nope. It’s a very early prototype and the real Defender won’t look anything like it.

But there is good news. Our Redusernab spies managed to get a picture of the real, production-ready interior of the new Defender!

Just look at it, it’s perfect! It’s the modern interpretation of the classic Landy dash. It’s square but not sharp. It’s soft to touch but still rugged. Thankfully Land Rover has retained proper analog gauges. Climate controls are impossibly simple to use with basic rotary knobs. The infotainment system is a more modern touchscreen system but even that is made to withstand moisture and dust.

That ugly mushroom-tip of a shifter seen in that spy photo is gone, too. In its place is solid metallic and leather shifter that is actually connected to the transmission. Heated seat controls are in the middle of the console because this is, after all, a Land Rover.

We have seriously high hopes for the new Defender. This interior looks extremely promising. If the rest of the vehicle is reflective of it, Land Rover is guaranteed to have a strong selling vehicle with no need of any updates for at least ten years.

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