2019 Ford Edge ST: …this one isn’t for me

A 335-horsepower crossover sounds like an acceptable, and potentially enjoyable, proposition in this day and age. That’s how much juice the 2019 Ford Edge ST has under its hood. This one certainly looks the sporty part too, with its bright blue paint and black wheels. There’s also that red ST badge on the nose, tail, and splashed about the cabin. That badge, however, is where the problems begin.

When you think of a Ford ST vehicle, you think of something lively, engaging, and overall fun to drive and own. Ford’s Fiesta ST is an affordable hot hatch that kills corners. The Focus ST takes the same idea and applies it to a slightly larger package. With the Edge ST, you may think this is merely a taller Focus ST. That’s not the case at all.

Yes, the steering tuning is great. And there’s plenty of grip from the massive 21-inch wheels shod in Pirelli tires. But that’s it. That’s really all you have here. The rest of this Edge is a reminder that you’ve just shelled out a colossal amount of cash for something that won’t make you smile as the badge might lead you to believe.

How much does this one here cost? $52,000 as tested.

That’s over $50,000 for a Ford Edge. A Porsche Macan starts at $49,900, in case you’re curious. Sure, you’ll need to throw a few options at the Macan, but a Ford Edge ST and a Porsche Macan shouldn’t be competing for your dollars.

The starting price of the Edge ST is around $42,000. That number makes a bit more sense. However, if you want the bigger brakes, you’re also required to get the larger 21-inch wheels. And you also need to check the box for Equipment Group 401A (an options package that includes an upgraded Sync system). That immediately adds around $8,000 to the price of the Edge ST. And if you’re buying such a vehicle, it would only make sense that you want the larger brakes on there.

Ford needs to throw that gear in there and somehow keep the price closer to that $42k starting point. Or they take the Edge ST in a different direction. Keep it as a $50,000 vehicle… and throw the Focus RS running gear in there. Now we have a machine that comes to party properly.

As it sits now though, this one is definitely not for me.

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