2019 Chevrolet Camaro Design DiscussionAKA Let's All Dunk on the new Chevy Camaro

The automotive world was recently introduced to the newly refreshed Chevrolet Camaro. Reactions have been mixed, at best. Regardless, this is an important car to the enthusiast market, so I thought it might be best to get the opinions of the Redusernab staff. Surely we all have different thoughts on this one… right?
Read on to find out.

The front end looks like a nerdy, shy robot that just discovered eyeliner. And is using that eyeliner to hide its awkward smile.
I’m pretty sure the taillights were stolen from some anime version of the Corvette. Those are Manga Corvette taillights.
Still, I’m sure it drives wonderfully. And I’m genuinely curious about the turbo-four-banger 1LE version. I’ll always prefer a V8, but that could be a seriously competent “bargain” sports car. Like a giant Miata.    

To me the taillights look like cartoon-ified versions of those off the Malibu, which makes them stand out much more than those on the pre-refresh 6th-gen rear end but simultaneously makes them look like they’re trying too hard to “be modern” (not unlike those on the C7).
The front, even more unfortunate, gives the impression that the car that the Camaro ate for breakfast is trying to climb face-first back out through the grille. It’s unfortunate, this redesign, and I actually stared longingly at the current-gen’s relatively attractive front end when I passed one yesterday shortly after the updated body was revealed.
But like Jeff said, I’m sure with the magnetic suspension wizardry, six-speed stick, and the magnificent LT1, even the lowly SS will continue to be a massive amount of performance car for the money. That money figure continues to increase though, and the comparable Mustang is drastically better looking in my eyes, and, in addition to be much easier to see out of, is probably 95% as rewarding to drive while being much easier to live with…not to mention sounding better than its Chevy counterpart.
Advantage anywhere except the track: Ford.

This was a big letdown for me. The current Camaro looks so good. It’s a perfect mixt of aggressive styling but not over-the-top compensatory. I understand the point of varying your styling to differentiate trims and models from each other, but come on Chevy, front ends that were robbed from the Impala and Silverado (or even hints of Dodge’s Charger) and the Malibu derived tail lights…why?

This is new? Looks like the old one. But I wouldn’t know because I don’t think I’ve seen a new Camaro is years. And if I have seen one, I probably missed it because it looked just like the one before but with LED lights.
There just don’t seem to be many of them around the northeast. I don’t see any advertising for them, either. This, the lazy redesign, and GM’s recent announcement that it will stop posting it’s monthly and annual sales leads me to believe that perhaps GM just doesn’t care about selling these cars. I don’t know.
And with this update, like with the whole current and previous generation, Chevy did not address the two areas where the Camaro was always did poorly – visibility and interior.
The visibility from the Camaros of this decade has been atrocious. The side windows are short, the pillars are thick, and the rear window is useless for reversing. Good thing we have cameras and beep-beep sensors now – don’t buy your Camaro without them.
While GM has not released the interior pictures, assume it to be just like the old one but with a bigger center screen. Because that’s all it can be. There will still be a tall wall of plastic in front of the passenger and there will be some retro styling bits. Yawn.
I’m sure it will drive well, be fast, and put up impressive numbers. But… it’s a Camaro, same one it’s been this whole decade.

Thanks, Chevrolet. Now the 2018 Mustang I want to get can no longer be called the ugliest of the pony cars. I think it looked great in person already, but now it’s like Alfa Romeo levels of pretty in comparison.
First I saw the SS model with its black facial accents and thought “eh, it doesn’t look terrible”. Then I saw the base model sans face paint and threw up a little in my mouth. And the back is just awkward. It’ll still be a blast to drive with that new 1LE turbo model and they’ll continue to sell a ton which I guess is all that matters, but they need to stop taking so much inspiration from the Transformers movies.
So there you have it, the opinions of the best and brightest in the industry. Here are my own final thoughts on the 2019 Camaro.
Like the Mustang before it, the 2019 Camaro has been given a horrible refresh. While I applaud Chevy for at least trying to complete its move away from retro-based styling, this new direction ruins a fine looking car. I thought that seeing shots of it out in public would help matters, as they do on the 2018 Mustang. Unfortunately that is not the case.
The front end is everything bad about Acura and Lexus, and the taillights are a genuine tragedy. Seriously, those rear lights are the worst LED work I’ve ever seen from an OEM. I hope that new turbo-four 1LE can stun enough to distract from the rest of the car.
At least when you’re driving it you can pretend you’re in a better looking car.

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