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Last Call: Fern Gully Edition

Peter Tanshanomi December 5, 2018 Last Call 4 Comments

Damn it, Doreen! You drove the Jag off the pavement and into the brambles again. You really need to watch where you’re driving.

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  • Batshitbox

    Nice E-Type, but I’d like to see more of the testarossa behind it.

    • outback_ute

      I was thinking ‘Little Red Riding Hood’s plan to outrun the big bad wolf wasn’t working as well as she’d like’

  • fede

    nice e-type and all… but when is the new hooniverse design coming?!

  • Lokki

    I had a comment – something about two lovely cats with nice shrubberies , but the exact wording was slightly different. In the spirit of obscenity laws, I decided against posting it.