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Radwood LA: Some quick pics

Josh Ostrander December 4, 2018 Car Shows 3 Comments

Dressed in my finest neon colored jacket, I ventured north to the Petersen Museum for a sampling of period-correct Rad. The Radwood LA event delivered. Here are some quick snaps from my phone. There was too much rad to take it all in, so these pics just give a quick sense of atmosphere that day. More in depth photo essays will be forthcoming from Jalopnik and other sites. Keep an eye out for those.


[Images copyright 2018 Redusernab/Josh Ostrander]

  • Christopher Tracy

    The snorkel on the Defender is so tall! The driver will have drowned before water even gets close to the end of the snorkel!

    • outback_ute

      You don’t want it in your eye line.

      Is this the first time Radwood has had a Vector? Looking forward to reading more.

  • Rover 1

    BMW had the Z1.
    Then they brought out the Z3, knowing that?