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The connected car industry’s dizzying number of players all in one chart

Peter Tanshanomi November 5, 2018 Tech 4 Comments

Click the image for a scalable PDF version of this chart

This diagram, put together by , shows all the various automotive software vying for a slice of the connected car market. The sheer numbers of systems shows the sort of gold rush that’s going on in this sector, and this doesn’t even include autonomous vehicle systems. I have to wonder how much proprietary stuff and how many competing proposals for industry standards this landscape represents. Obviously, not all of these vendors will make it, but it will be quite a while before we see how the technology being marketed shakes out, long term.

  • P161911

    Missing one big player, Continental. They are involved in most of this stuff. Yes, the same Continental that makes tires.

    The other one missing is Garrett/Honeywell. Honeywell recently spun off all their automotive stuff under the Garrett (the turbo charger folks) name. They are involved in automotive cyber security and predictive vehicle diagnostics.

  • Behind all the SW stuff is only a handful of semiconductor manufacturers, serving a few dozen of OE supplies, serving a better handful of car manufacturers: Your automotive touch something something is from one of pi companies.
    As a kid I was fascinated by the PRVDelorian V6, and Bosch serving all of them.. and Behr, a supplier of the company my father was working for, was written all over the F40 thingies I knew way too much about way too young.

  • That’s a lot of connectivity. As a comparison, I’ve pasted the connectivity chart for my vehicles below:


  • hwyengr

    City Transformer might need to change their logo before coming to the US, or else Caltrans might have something to say about it.