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Last Call: Dream Girl Edition

Peter Tanshanomi November 5, 2018 Last Call 34 Comments

Here at Redusernab, we most admire women who aspire to drive cars and wrench on them, not simply allow themselves to be perched on a fender. However, looking back through the post archives, only three women have been tagged as Hooniversal Dream Girls: Hellé Nice, Michèle Mouton, and Maria Teresa de Filippis. Who is your most crush-worthy female driver, grease monkey, designer, or engineer?

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  • Scubie

    Constance Nunes, beauty and brains. Car Masters, Rust to Riches on Netflix

  • 0A5599

    Fabrictor, land speed record competitor, part-time Mythbuster Jessi Combs.

    • Jessi is the ultimate in

  • Kitty O’Neil died today at 72. I hadn’t heard of her before today, but she was a stunt woman and is the current woman’s land speed record holder at 512.17 MPH. On 3 wheels. She was also Linda Carter’s stunt double in Wonder Woman where she dove off a 127 foot balcony. She went nearly 105 MPH on water skis and 275 MPH in a boat. Oh, and she was deaf.

    More here:

    • Lokki

      105 miles an hour on freakin’ water skis????
      I can’t even…
      I mean…
      I’m not worthy.

      • 0A5599

        A woman recently went 183 mph on a bicycle to set a record. That’s a WORLD record, not just a women’s record.

        • After breaking the women’s record, I understand that Kitty was ready to go again to break the main world record, but she wasn’t allowed. Not explicitly because she was a woman, but because the sponsor had a contract with a man and they wouldn’t break it.

        • Fuhrman16

          I’ve met Denise a couple of times. She races in Lemons, mostly with Spank.

      • Number_Six

        275 in a boat is also stupendous, but 500+ on wheels is completely insane. She also jumped out of a helicopter from 180 feet, landing on an air bag!

    • I was familiar with Kitty, but I didn’t know she had died. Godspeed, Badass.

  • bv911

    “Madame Briffcase”

    (all-star lineup of Juan Manuel Fangio, Stirling Moss, Denise McCluggage, Pedro Rodriguez, Innes Ireland, and Ronnie Bucknum)

    • tonyola

      Well, this is what I get for not paying attention to other posts.

  • tonyola

    The late, great Denise McCluggage – race car driver, journalist, author, and photographer.

    • 0A5599

      Game show contestant, too.

  • tonyola

    Linda Vaughn.

    • Linda Vaughn was pretty much the epitome of allowing yourself to be perched on a fender.

      • 0A5599

        She wrenched on cars. With unique form, too.

  • Number_Six

    Pat Moss (Stirling’s sibling) won a four-day international rally in an Austin Healey 3000, and matched the pace of great male rally drivers throughout the sixties. She only retired because she married Erik Carlsson and had a child. She was also a champion horse rider, and got a ticket while in her 70s for speeding while towing a horse box.

    • Wait…Stirling’s brother?

      • Number_Six

        It’s been a long morning and it’s only 07:45

      • 0A5599

  • I expect an “Asks” for the most crushworthy male driver, grease monkey, designer, or engineer in the coming days. I, for one, would mention the chin line of Mr.D.

    • An “Asks” about your favorite male in the automotive field would be like asking to name your favorite Mexican in Mariachi music.

      • I’m sure the wives of the musicians had certain criteria, aside from “not a guy who’s playing that big guitar thing, won’t fit into the trunk” – there are many people in the world, and yet there are countless couples finding to themselves.

        • I just meant that they are so overwhelmingly male that they are rarely delineated as such.

  • Gnomical

    I nominate Christina Nielsen, daughter of Lars-Erik Nielsen, and an accomplished driver in her own seat. She has won a number of races and finished the 2016 season as GTD Champion of the IMSA SportsCar series. She is still racing and I am still following her progress.

    • Tomsk

      She was 2017 GTD champ as well.

      • Gnomical

        Thank you. I typed that too quickly and appreciate the input of our general community…

  • Victor

    Shirley Muldowney should not be overlooked.

    • She paved the way for other women. Okay, so most of them happen to be John Force’s daughters.

      • Gnomical

        And maybe a show of appreciation should go to Laurie Force – that family is a brute force to be reckoned with…

    • As I sit here at my office keyboard, this is 3 feet away from me.

  • Tomsk

    Hailing from the polar opposite of a hotbed of motorsports activity and enthusiasm (New York City), I give you Ms. Julia Landauer. In addition to being the first (and only?) female Skip Barber Racing Series champion (when she was just 14, mind you) and the most successful and promising young female talent on the NASCAR development ladder (at least she was until Hailee Deegan came along), she’s also a Stanford grad, STEM advocate, one of Forbes‘ “30 Under 30” sports figures, former Survivor contestant and, most recently, launched her own line of watches with The Abingdon Co.

  • I have to include Katherine Legge, because
    1) She’s legit awesome,
    2) She friended me on Facebook,
    3) She drove the Deltawing.