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There’s a BLIPSHIFT SALE …and you there’s something else you should know

Jeff Glucker November 1, 2018 Announcements, Featured 9 Comments

, the purveyor of awesome automotive t-shirt goodness, is having a sale today. There are some great designs up there. But take a closer look at that image (and the Blipshift homepage) because we have a bit of news.

. Right now, we just have the new logo tees for sale. Many more designs are coming though, so stay tuned for that.

Head over to Blipshift and buy some of their fantastic t-shirts, socks, coasters, and other random stuff that looks great on you or in your office. And maybe pick up a Redusernab t-shirt… or seven. 


  • Ooo! Ordered!

    • Jeff Glucker

      Thank you sir!

  • Mike

    Is there going to be a shirt with Kamil’s Buick Regal??

    • Jeff Glucker

      Oooh good idea!

  • I recommend the “heavy duty” quality, they really hold up: they survive a wash at 60C and are fine with regular tumble drying.

    USD12 for shipping a singe shirt to me is a bit steep though, but I’ve done that before… there’d be still room for USD7.5 worth of additional swag until I cross the customs’ wrath trigger (USD15 basic fee 25% of the package value which includes shipping). A tasteful sticker for the inside, maybe? A non-permanent tattoo sticker? Cufflinks (well nice ones would beat the 7.5 I guess).

    • Zentropy

      I agree, they hold up better, but they make me uncomfortably hot.

  • Zentropy

    I’m not trying to beat a dead horse, but I’d jump on it if the shirts offered the old logo. I may get one anyway, just because I like this website. I’m a big Blipshift fan, too– seems like half of my t-shirt drawer is from them. Hell, I’m wearing one now.

    • Jeff Glucker

      A Redusernab Classic t-shirt will be created.

      (for all you damn haters* of the new logo…)


      • Zentropy