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Last Call: GTO Time Machine Edition

Peter Tanshanomi October 22, 2018 Last Call 4 Comments

When Andy Dufresne is seen driving to Mexico at the end of The Shawshank Redemption, a Pontiac GTO convertible perfectly symbolizes his newfound freedom and prosperity. Director Frank Darabont initially arranged for Tim Robbins to drive a Mustang, but shooting logistics forced an eleventh-hour substitution. Darabont was aware that the ’69 GTO was two years too new for the intended time period, but it was the only suitable alternative available.

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  • Batshitbox

    Andy better have put the top up on that Goat if he’s still in Zihuatanejo. It’s at about the southern reach of the risk zone.

  • Maymar

    Even knowing what Pete sounds like, I’m hearing that in Morgan Freeman’s voice.

    • Batshitbox

      Morgan Freeman, Morgan Freeman.
      Morgan Freeman.

  • Zentropy

    I love that movie, but never noticed the timeline conflict with the GTO. Cool.