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Regular Car Reviews drives an M35A2 Deuce and a Half

Jeff Glucker October 1, 2018 Cars You Should Know, Hoonivercinema 10 Comments

Each wheel and tire weighs 500 pounds. That’s according to Mr. Regular who got to sample the mighty M35 2 1/2-ton truck. It was built in 1970 and this example cost the owner just $3,500. It wasn’t running at the time, but now it’s up and moving and this is a deep dive into what makes this monster tick.

  • Tank

    That has to feel sketchy at high speeds.. and by high speeds I mean anything over 40

  • Desmo

    After the fall of the Berlin wall the U.S. Army went home from Germany. In their open Barracks some rusty and abandoned Trucks were parked, waiting for the scrap dealer to come. As teens we played with them whole days. We smashed the instruments and vandalized the interior in our teenage wars. We could not imagine that these could have any value at all. Our highlight was an M38 Jeep which we “saved” from the scrap yard by pushing it into a dirty pool. Soon after we forgot about all that and played something else.

  • Having crossed the Cascade mountains in the cab of a Deuce and a Half more times that I care to remember, I would be content to never ride in one of these ever again.

  • HuntRhymesWith

    Does driving a slow, old truck scare other people as much as it does me? If my MGB breaks down, at least I can push it out of people’s way. If this breaks down, good luck!

    • They don’t break down. You may run into trouble because of the military-grade brakes, but if you get it going and still have some fuel/wax/legos left in the tanks, it will keep going.

      • HuntRhymesWith

        I literally laughed out loud at the thought of Legos in the tank providing fuel

  • Harry Callahan

    I stopped watching Mr. Regular about two years ago, because I found him too full of himself and his millennial-ness off putting. I decided to give him another try today. Lasted about two minutes. Bleh.

    • HuntRhymesWith

      I’m not sure if he’s gotten worse or if I was just putting up with the same as you describe for the sake of novelty

  • Gnomical

    This looks like the perfect vehicle for mdharrell; he could put the little ones in the back and go for a family run. No one would question that…

  • Harry Callahan

    To a guy like me who has driven LOTS of old trucks, buses, tractors, dozers, etc., this Regular guy sounds like Major Kunt.