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LS Powered Ferrari P4 Kit Car Is The Stuff Of Dreams

Jason Connor October 1, 2018 Car Shows 13 Comments

It’s understandable that, outside of Monterey Car Week, the idea of driving a $20m Ferrari around is not the best. Though I would personally disagree. So what do you do? To me kit cars aren’t a terrible idea, like a Hawk Lancia Stratos or Beck Porsche 904. I would 100% flog the hell out of either of them.

F1-67 Gives Us Inferiority Complex

At a local Cars and Coffee in San Diego I came across this gem. It’s  fairly gorgeous Ferrari P4. Only this one has a special heart… courtesy of the inevitable LS swap, and that most certainly is not a bad thing!

I did not get a chance to speak with the owner but a quick internet search revealed that a company called Race Car Replicas produce the P4 kits with prices ranging from $26,495 – $43,995. Assuming with paint, powertrain and a transaxle setup you would be into something like this for $80,000 – $100,000, that’s a fraction of the cost of an original and without all the fears of bending precious Italian metal. I love this thing, but what I’d love even more is some time behind the wheel.

[Images: Copyright 2018 Redusernab/Jason Connor]

  • crank_case

    It’s pretty nice, though if you’re going to shove a V8 in, probably better to go the route of a Lola replica or some Can-Am car, you’ll end up with something much closer to the source material.

    • I would agree that a Lola T70 would be pretty amazing. That being said you cannot deny the beauty of the P4.

      • crank_case

        There’s no doubtint the beauty of a P4, it’s just that the soundtrack won’t match the visuals. Mercedes or BMW could provide potential V12 donors, but I imagine, they’d be quite heavy.

  • P161911

    How long before Maserati V-8s start showing up in something like this? There is a 2005 Quattroporte on the Copoart website with a buy it now of $6100 with door damage and several others with really low auction bids. Just seems like something like this needs an Italian heart.

    • How amazing would that be!

    • Zentropy

      I’m not a Maser fan, but the sound of its engine is just sick.

  • It looks very authentic except for the motor. Looks like fun to drive. Something different than the replica Cobras, GT-40s, and Speedsters. This would get a second look. I haven’t seen a $Million car on the street ever!

  • Zentropy

    I think it’s a brilliant idea. Who cares as long as the power plant is potent? I wouldn’t, as I’ve never experienced a Ferrari V12 to begin with. I wouldn’t know the difference. And that body is like molten hard candy poured over a racecar chassis.

    • outback_ute

      The V8 sound is just so different from a Ferrari engine though, even the Ferrari V8’s sound closer to their V12 than an LS. Maybe a very high-revving V6 with the right header design would work, I’m not sure.

      • crank_case

        The character too, the V12 will be smoother and rev hige than the street fighter rumble of the V8. A flat plane crank V8 maybe, closest thing thing that’s not a V12 to a V12 would be a straight six. 2jz swap?

        • outback_ute

          2x Nissan RB20’s?

          • crank_case

            Maybe, though the RB and 2JZ are both big iron blocks so two would be very heavy. I believe what Japanese tuners Top Secret did for their legendary Supra is take a Toyota Century engine block and attached lots of custom parts.. but now we’re getting really silly.

  • HuntRhymesWith

    I hope they made it sound good. The Ferrari sound is a huge part of it.