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Remembering Tony Swan, Auto Journalist and Racer

Kamil Kaluski September 28, 2018 Hoonobituaries No Comments

Growing up in the days before the Internet, many of us lived in monthly anticipation of new issues of Motor Trend, Car and Driver, or Road & Track arriving in our mailbox. We’d read the letters to the editors and their snarky responses, latest news, and we’d bite into the chunks of featured articles while procrastinating on our homework. Over the years we have come to know these auto-writers almost as friends, regardless of whether they knew it or not. 

The name Tony Swan should ring a bell for anyone over thirty amongst those of us who were reading about cars before the Internet took over our lives. His articles and commentary were second to none. His work appeared in Car and Driver, AutoWeek, Cycle World, The New York Times, and many others. In addition to being an auto writer he was also a passionate auto racer, competing in everything including many 24 Hours of Lemons race events. 

Rest in peace but don’t slow down, Tony. You have inspired many of us to do what we are doing. Head over to to read more about Mr. Swan. 

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