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Watch Chris Harris fling the Singer DLS development mule around a race track

Jeff Glucker September 26, 2018 Hoonivercinema No Comments

Little bit of onboard in the DLS development mule.

— chris harris (@harrismonkey)

This is a mental car. Chris Harris is up to the task of taming it though, or at least hanging on for dear life as he puts the reimagined Porsche 911 through a vigorous workout. The car is the Singer DLS, which is an insane experiment co-engineered alongside Williams.

Yes… that .

. What the car is in total, however, is a massively powerful, massively expensive, masterpiece of a car. The flax six-cylinder engine makes 500 horsepower and has a 9,000 rpm redline. Plenty of oomph for a car that has to make the scales giggle at its assumed reduced curb weight.

Redusernab Asks: Is there a perfect car?

We’ll never drive one. We probably won’t ever see one. But for a brief moment, let’s ride along with Mr. Harris as he wheels the balls off this one.